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Prioritize the removal of nuisance animals and rabid creatures that trespasses your establishment or household. You can contact a licensed professional from a Portage IN wildlife control company. “Anytime Wildlife Removal” is a trusted wildlife management specialist in Portage. We provide removal, trapping and proofing services on animals like bat, raccoon, skunk, squirrel and other wildlife creatures often found in the Indiana wild. Please dial our Portage IN wildlife removal hotline for questions, scheduling and pricing.

Wildlife in Portage

Portage brims with abundant history in the 1900’s, largely brought by European settlers and explorers, from the Native American Indians of the Mound Builders and Wea Tribe, up to the famed Potawotomi Tribe. After the Second World War, the development of Portage went into full swing.

The largest city in Porter County, Portage is known as a heavy industrial town, quite notable for its diverse household and community. Thriving industries and business can be seen across town. Even with this economic growth, Portage maintains a great number of nature parks and wildlife preserve that brings in some of the rabid and wild creatures in the state of Indiana.

How well do you know wildlife animals in Portage?

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Bat Removal in Portage

Bat Removal in Portage

Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

The habitat of bats may vary according to the type of species. There are bats that live in caves, behind waterfalls, underground rivers and dormant volcanoes. Some bats can also form their habitat in mine shafts, water pipes, dams and sewers.

However, don’t be surprised if you see bats in urban areas, like households, buildings and facilities. In Portage, a common complaint of home owners are bats in ceiling, attic and roof.

Some bats can set up several roosts in different site and use it at different times of the year. Female bats can fly to distant kilometers just to set up specific maternity sites, only for their babies.

Other known roosts include: posts crack, junction boxes, palm leaves (dried) and tree hollows.

Raccoon Removal in Portage

Wildlife raccoons can live up to 3-4 years. The short life span can be attributed to hunters and bigger animal predators like bobcats, cougars and coyotes. Young raccoons (called ‘kits’) can fall prey to large birds like hawk, eagle or even big owls. The kits abandoned by their mother raccoon, can fall into starvation if they caught up by strong storm or winter season. The reason could be that young raccoons barely develop fat reserves (and thick fur) which can help them survive in winter.

The mother raccoon usually tend the young until winter time and prepare to release them on their own the following spring. However, young raccoons that are abandoned before winter usually die of starvation and extreme cold.

In Portage, there was an instance of surviving young raccoons left in the chimneys by adult raccoons. The owner then called one of our staff to provide the appropriate wildlife removal procedure.

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Portage

Don’t touch baby squirrels! If you see a young baby squirrels while jogging in a nature trail in Portage – do not handle or touch it on any way. Some people think that young squirrels left in nests were abandoned. Just let the baby squirrels stay there and avoid taking it out of the nest to hand feed them yourself.

Interfering in the natural way of the environment is not essentially good, unless you’re highly specialized and certified professional in the animal. As long as it doesn’t impede in your of own way of life and does not cause a nuisance, just let it stay in the nest. We often receive of such calls, to rescue young squirrels left in the nest. There are reasons the mother squirrel left and it’s not for ‘anyone’ to intervene. This is quite normal with squirrels behavior, or other animals for that matter.

However, if squirrels starts to become a nuisance, such as they gnaw house furniture or become threatening to children, you may have to remove them from your household as soon as possible. Call us to discuss the procedure and methods applicable for your situation.

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