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(Please call Portage MI Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 269-329-4567)

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Let our Portage MI wildlife removal specialists handle the dangerous nature of wildlife animals like bats, opossums, squirrels, skunk, raccoon, coyote, muskrat, feral cat, fox, mink, rats, and other rodent-like creature. We can provide services for government facilities, commercial establishments, buildings, apartments and households in Portage Michigan. We also provide wildlife removal to nearby towns like Kalamazoo, Schoolcraft, Climax, Vicksburg, Richland, and other communities in Kalamazoo County. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for questions on our wildlife animal services.

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Wildlife in Portage

Portage is made up of 32.23 square miles land and 2.94 square miles water. Located in Kalamazoo County, the city is part of Kalamazoo-Portage Metro Area. Several nature areas and historical parks is in Portage namely Harbors West Park, Bishop’s Bog Preserve, Ramona Park, Milham Park, Portage Creek Bicentennial Park, Eliason Nature Preserve, Lakeview Park and West Lake Nature Preserve. The huge nature areas and scenic landscapes has been a popular destination for hikers, campers, walkers and cyclists. Portage also brims with wildlife and ecological activities of native Michigan animals and species.

Portage MI Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Portage MI

When a Michigan raccoon is trying to find a mate during mating season, you can hear them make certain sounds. If you’ve heard a screeching owl whistle, the raccoon’s vocalization is quite similar. The raccoon will make these whistling sounds until another raccoon pick up the mating call. If you need to remove a raccoon in Portage, just send us a message.

Squirrel Removal in Portage MI

Most home owners in Kalamazoo think a lot of birds eat everything on a bird feeder, but the truth is the bird feeders might also be feeding some squirrels. The bird feeder is a favorite destination of squirrels, whether this is a fox squirrel or a gray squirrel. There are cases in Portage Michigan the squirrel would even eat the feeder, completely damaging the area. For assistance in handling squirrels, contact one of our staff for your inquiries.

Bat Removal in Portage MI

Rabies from Michigan bats can be transferred in many forms. Aside from the bite from bats, it can even enter an abrasion on a skin. So you may get rabies, without even knowing it. Some people in Portage think rabies only comes from land mammals like dogs, but also carry rabies and can even transmit the virus.

Beaver Removal in Portage MI

Other than the main dam built and used by Michigan beavers, they can also have a second dam in the lower area of the water stream. There can be one or two smaller dams downstream. This relieves the water pressure that can form on the main big dam. One or two small dams also helps the beaver get easy access on food in nearby trees. These small dams can also function as storage or cache of tree barks or saplings. To remove and prevent beaver in your property, get in touch with a beaver specialist in Portage.

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Other Portage MI Wildlife Removal Services

Coyote removal Portage MI – The coyote has often been linked to predator attacks to animals in the wild. In Michigan, there also cases of coyote attacks on pets. Coyotes are in the same order with the grey wolf, where the coyote has sometimes been called the modern version of the golden jackal. In Portage, if you need to remove coyote, you would need state licenses and permits.

Fox removal Portage MI – The ears of the fox is shaped just like a triangle, while it has a flattened spot on its skull. The snout of a fox is turned up and pointed. Its tail is bushy thick. You would need safety measures if you handle fox. Get in touch with a wildlife company for assistance on fox trapping or removal.

Mink removals Portage MI – The Michigan minks are carnivores as they also live a half-water, half-land lifestyle. The wildlife animal mink found in Portage is also related to the weasels and the otters.

Muskrat removal Portage MI – Muskrats are sometimes referred as ‘rats’ in short, though they are not considered as ‘true rats’ like the brown rats and black rats. The Portage muskrats however share similar rats with the species of rodents.

Opossum removal Portage MI – The Didelphimorphia is the science term of the marsupial member opossums. From South America, opossums spread through United States, either by escaping captivity or travelling by foot. In Portage, opossums are one of the common animals we remove.

Rat removal Portage MI – From the Muroidea rodent family, the genus “Rattus” are the ‘true rats’ which can be seen in sewers and even in households. We have experience handling different types of rats. Send us a line for inquiries on rat control, rat prevention and rat proofing in Portage.

Skunk removal Portage MI – The skunks would often prepare for winter in fall (sometime in October). They will eat a lot of food to build fat. The fats of skunk are stored energy in their body. If you need to immediately remove skunks in Portage Michigan, call a wildlife professional.

Feral cat Portage MI – Undomesticated cats that practically lived its whole life in the wild are called feral cats. They have not been cared for by humans, so it will not be easy to deal with them.

We also provide animal damage repair Portage MI.

Wildlife Control Services Near Portage MI

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Let specialists on animal trapping and wildlife control handle dangerous creatures. Don’t take chances handling these animals since they can transmit diseases.

Portage MI Wildlife Removal