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We provide Prattville AL wildlife removal for Alabama residents, homeowners and business owners. If you need nuisance animal management and exclusion of bird, mole, opossum and fox, please dial our number. We also have wildlife control on squirrel, skunk, armadillo, beaver, snake and raccoon. We have regular inquiries like:

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Wildlife in Prattville Alabama

Known as ‘The Fountain City’, the place is made of 32.9 square miles of land or 97%. Water can only be seen around 3% or 0.9 square miles. Prattville is well known to have several artesian wells which led to its nickname. In addition, nature areas of trees and greens can be seen all around which normally invites wildlife from Alabama’s surrounding forests.

Prattville AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Prattville AL

If you’re going on a nature trip and you see raccoons in your camping, resist the urge to feed the furry creature. Some people think their doing a good deed by feeding an animal roaming in nature. However, there’s always a chance the raccoon can be rabid. Just don’t feed the raccoon. This is one of the reason raccoon enter houses.

Squirrel Removal in Prattville Alabama

Squirrels can easily be seen in Alabama. In Prattville, you can see squirrels in open parks running and picking nuts, acorns and flower bulbs. Some children can even be seen feeding the squirrels. We never advised hand feeding squirrels since this makes the creature more dependent and even change their natural ways. As much as possible, allow the squirrels to get their own food out in the open.

Bat Removal in Prattville Al

The bats we’ve frequently excluded in Alabama are the insect feeding species microbats. In Prattville, we’ve removed microbats, more than any other bat species. The insect eating behavior of these bats can go as high as consuming 2,000-4,000 in a night. If you need to remove bats, call our number on the page.

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Our other Prattville AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Prattville AL

The armadillos commonly seen in Prattville can be medium in size. The animal has the same body shape like the opossum, but the armadillo is more closely related to the family of anteaters. Remove armadillos (they can carry leprosy), call us.

Skunk Removal in Prattville Alabama

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Skunk Removal in Prattville Alabama

For skunks in Prattville, they’re not big in sizes. They have medium weight and bodies just like your home cat. With shorter legs, they have long claws. These are curved and can be found in their toes on their feet.

Beaver Removal in Prattville Al

In Alabama, beaver dams have been common all throughout. It can be built by the animal with precision and accuracy, where the next thing you knew, a beaver’s lodge popped up overtime, with slight warning. It can be difficult to remove beaver dams and it would be better to let a Prattville wildlife professional do the bulk of the work.

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