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(Please call Rowlett TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-412-6200)

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Let one of our Rowlett TX wildlife removal specialists help you on all your nuisance animals’ problems like snake on the garden, bats in the attic, squirrel in the garage or a skunk in the kitchen. We understand how difficult it is for home owners and business operators to handle dangerous creatures. These animals are not your usual pet such as cat or dog. Wildlife species may attack unprovoked and unthreatened. If you have children in your home, they may be at risk if you have no wildlife proofing installation in your house. Similarly, if you own a business, you may lose some clients or customers if they see unsanitary conditions from wildlife animals in your establishment.

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Rowlett TXWildlife in Rowlett

Rowlett is made up of majority land with 19.9 square miles land and 0.09 square miles water. It lies with Rockwall County and Dallas County. The city has been considered to be an upscale, quiet and affluent community and suburb in Dallas. The place was founded in April 1880 and was originally named Morris. It was later named ‘Rowlett’ in 1886.

Rowlett TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Rowlett Texas

Squirrels have range of sub group or tribe. Some of these are chipmunks, woodchucks, prairie dogs and marmots. These variants can mostly be seen in the United States, while there are also sub species which can be seen in other continents such as Europe, Asia and Africa. In Texas, we’ve removed chipmunks and marmots quite often, along with tree squirrels and ground squirrels. Once in a while, we also receive calls for fast removal of squirrels in Rowlett.

Raccoon removal in Rowlett

Urbanized raccoons in Texas have learned to rummage in garbage pile and open trash cans in backyards and alleys. The wildlife animal notably searches for food that has been thrown away from households and restaurants. This has always been a problem for residents and business owners. Raccoons can be rabid and wild at times and would even show its claws and teeth to get their needed food scraps. You may want to remove raccoons in Rowlett TX from your property as soon as you them to avoid untoward incidents.

Bat removal in Rowlett TX

In Texas, we’ve frequently handled certain species of bats. The most common we’ve removed so far is the Mexican free tailed bats. This is common to the country and known to have a big population on the Lone Star State. Its notable behavior is to roost with many other bats, often times in one big colony in several roosts around a certain area. Their roost can be under bridges, culverts, warehouses, barns, farm houses and even in commercial facilities. This is counterproductive to the mammal, since there’s often human disturbance in the vicinity. Left over wastes and food scraps can also cause fungi infections which can be transferred to people.

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Skunk removal in Rowlett TX

Some residents in Texas have a general idea on what a skunk looks like. It has a pre-dominant black fur, with striped white fur in its back and thick bushy fluffy tail. However, there are other species of skunk in the state. Some of these skunk species include the commonly seen ‘striped skunk’. Some of the other species of skunks are the ‘spotted’, ‘hooded’ and hog nosed skunk. Skunks are on the frequent nuisance creatures we’ve removed in Rowlett, if you happen to need assistance to remove it, don’t

Rat removal in Rowlett Texas

A species of rats we’ve also encountered within the state is the Texas kangaroo rats. This variant is also grouped within the rodent family, but with the Heteromyidae tribe. These rats are quite endemic to most towns, communities and suburbs in Dallas. There were also reports however that some species has been found in Oklahoma. In Rowlett, we’ve encountered and removed several Texas kangaroo rats from households, estates and subdivisions. These species are said to have stay in burrows near mesquite bushes, though natural and human disturbance can push the rats to seek food and shelter in households.

We also provide wildlife removal of squirrel, beaver, bobcat, rats, armadillo, skunk, bats, opossum, raccoons, snakes, birds and other rabid wild animals. In addition, we have Rowlett TX wildlife professionals for clean animal droppings, remove animal smell, wildlife damage repair, sanitation, block animal access, and clean up animal wastes, decontamination.

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