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(Please call Sachse TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-495-2005)

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Are you in need of Sachse TX wildlife removal for your home or business establishment? Just send a message to our trunk line. We will schedule an inspection and visit your place to see the level of infestation or wildlife problem. Don’t neglect the inconvenience brought by nuisance creatures. Many times, property owners in Sachse put off calling a wildlife company for another day or week. This is not recommended since the wildlife species can damage more or even spread more animal wastes. You can call technicians as soon as you see wildlife animals in your house.

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Sachse TXWildlife in Sachse

Sachse Texas is made up of 9.7 square miles of land, with only 0.2 square miles of water. It is located in Dallas County and Collin County, at the northern eastern part of downtown Dallas. The city is named from William Sachse an immigrant from Prussia in 1840’s as he bought 640 acres of land at the area located in Collin County. There are several well visited parks and nature preserve in Sachse namely Salmon Park, Muddy Creek Nature Preserve, Bunker Hill Park and Creek Crossing Park.

Sachse TX wildlife removal company

Bat removal in Sachse TX

Some bats may appear cold sick when you them sleeping in their roost. Even if they have awaken, it may take sixty minutes before the mammal would be able to warm up their body and fly from their nest. If you see bats not moving while clinging upside down, do not touch them or poke them with some broom or stick. A lot of people make this mistake. You might be able to injure them, squashing their body or puncture a wound on the bats which might drop wastes or blood in the area. Contact a bat specialist instead to remove it.

Squirrel removal in Sachse Texas

The squirrels generally have lengthy hind limbs than their fore limbs. They have five toes in their paws, but have non-developed thumb. In their paws, there are soft pads which can be seen on the underside. If you’ve seen some squirrels climbing up and down a tree, they have this ability to put their head first as they go down. You can actually see their ankles somewhat turn 180 degrees, with the hind paws pointed at the back, as their claws get firm grip of the barks of the tree.

Raccoon removal in Sachse TX

Raccoons sometimes will squeeze their way into decks, crawlspaces and porches of houses. Aside from the attic, this is their favorite spot to go in households. There are many ways to block a raccoon entry in a home. Usually, this can be done by having hardware mesh cloth to cover the opening. Another option that can be done is to use a steel hard welded wire. Wildlife companies can help you with these installations and raccoon prevention procedures.

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Skunk removal in Sachse Texas

Skunks in Texas usually have their breeding season right after the cold season or winter. The mating of skunks happens sometime in the middle of February until around March. The gestation period can last two months until the tenth week. There will be around six to ten baby skunks, called kittens, usually frail, small and with no sight. Young skunks usually open their eyes and be able to see in the third to fourth week. Adult skunks may be defensive on their baby skunks so it’s not a good idea to handle or remove it.

Bobcat removal in Sachse TX

There around 13 subspecies of bobcats known in the United States such as the Floridanus (Mississippi and Illinois), Superiorensis (Minnesota and Wisconsin), Fasciatus (Oregon and Washington) and Texensis (Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas) Bobcats can be identified with its similar physical traits with the genus Lynx. It has variable fur coat that is usually brown and gray with black color streaks. It can range from 19 to 50 inches in length depending on the age.

For other wild animals, contact us in Sachse TX, we remove skunk, snakes, armadillo, bats, opossum, bobcat, squirrel, beaver, rats, raccoons, birds. In addition, our wildlife professionals have experiences on sanitation, cleaners for wildlife wastes, house damage repair, dead animal removal, sealing of entry points, remove animal foul odor, decontamination.

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