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For Salem NH wildlife removal, control and management in Salem Rockingham, call us at 855-699-4535. We provide clean up, removal and proofing procedure on North America wildlife animals that include opossum, beaver, raccoons, flying squirrels, moles, rodents, wild rats, bats, ground/tree squirrels and other indigenous species. Contact us if you have an unidentified wild animal that you wish to be extracted the soonest. We provide wildlife control services for Salem NH businesses and households.

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Wildlife in Salem

We recently received calls for wildlife removal and wildlife control within Salem, from its range of stalls, food shops and also households. Some of the main problems include beaver control, rat control, squirrel removal, raccoon trapping and removal of several birds.

Salem NH has its significant share of wildlife diversity and activity as seen in its lush, grassy gardens and esplanades around town. Several wildlife birds, flying and bats can be seen flying around Rockingham Park, Canobie Lake Park and even Scottish Highlands Golf Course.

Salem NH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Salem NH

Did you know raccoons like leave markings in their territory, often leaving their urine and wastes as markings? This has been the main complaints of Salem residents because it is unpleasant and unhealthy. Raccoon feces and droppings are also a prime source of bacteria and pathogens.

Beaver Removal in Salem NH

Here’s a trivia on beavers. Beavers like to build dams as their refuge; however, the beaver ponds can also serve as alternative habitat for fish, waterfowls and other aquatic creatures. The dams of beavers don’t last long and usually depends on the animal’s continued presence in the habitat.

Flying Squirrel Removal in Salem NH

An interesting fact about flying squirrels is on how their ‘gliding’ helps them conserve their energy. According to some studies, gliders use special diets and use the scattered protein deficient food. Also, ‘gliding’ is said to be a quick form of locomotion for them, where it reduces their travel time as it go from one branch to another.

Beaver Removal in Salem NH

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Flying Squirrel Removal in Salem NH

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Rat removal in Salem NH

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Our other Salem NH wildlife control services


Rat Removal

Even if rats can be domesticated, as evidence with laboratory rats, it is not recommended for the public to do so. According to some studies, domestic rats have smaller organs like kidneys, hearts, livers and brains compared to wild rats. Call us in Salem NH for rat control in stores, diners and cafes.

Mole Removal

An interesting fact about a mole is that their saliva contains a strong toxin which is capable on paralyzing ground insects such as earthworms. This trait allows the animal to store the worms they caught for consumption on a later time. Some studies show moles building ‘underground larders’ where hundreds to thousands of worms are stored.

Bird Removal

We’re often asked in our bird removal in Salem on why birds don’t seem to urinate. Most species of birds are uricotelic where they extract nitrogenous wastes from their bloodstream. These kidney wastes are actually uric acids instead of urea. Birds do not have urine bladder and they expel their feces as semi solid wastes.

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Muskrat Removal

Here’s some information on muskrats. The diets of muskrats include plants, vegetation and agricultural crops. They would often use their sturdy long claws to dig their burrows, notably preferring to live in wetlands. The muskrats can also be found near saline and freshwater bodies of water, lakes, rivers or ponds.

Groundhog Removal

An interesting trait of groundhog is their high-pitched ‘whistles’ which they commonly use to alert other groundhogs of an incoming predator. This is the reason they’re sometimes called ‘whistle pig’. If ever they fall prey or got injured from fighting, they can be hard with a loud ‘squealing’ sound. Call us in Salem NH if you’ve seen a groundhog in your property.

Skunk Removal

Known to be crepuscular and loners if they’re not mating, skunks usually spend their day scavenging for food, digging worms or staying in their burrows. The skunks use their strong front claws when they dig. During cold temperatures, skunks can be seen gathering with other skunks in communal dens to have warmth. Skunks are just one of the frequent calls we receive in Salem.

Opossum Removal

Opossums are known to live 2-4 years mainly because of predators and wildlife control. They’re difficult to remove, especially if you have no experience and have no knowledge of their behaviors. It would be better if you call a Salem opossum removal expert to help you remove the opossum and prevent them from coming back.

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Female bats have the unique capability to control their fertility and guide it through in a perfect time. The bats decide when they give birth according to food availability (lots of insects), temperate seasons and good safe roosts. Don’t touch bats if you see one in your house, call us in Salem for a much safer procedure.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are known to consume and store (lots of) nuts and seeds during the summer. However, if faced with extreme hunger and food scarcity (especially in spring), they would also eat insects, meat, eggs, small birds, mice, and even young snakes. We provide squirrel removal and proofing in Salem NH; please call our number for details.

Wildlife removal requires expertise to apply the removal and control procedures effectively. It’s always better to remove indigenous creatures as soon as you see them to avoid infestation, damages and disease contact. For consultations, scheduling and inspections, please call one of our phone operators in Salem New Hampshire.

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