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Welcome to Selma AL wildlife removal for your animal control help on bird dropping clean-up, squirrel control prevention and bat exclusion. We also have removal services for other creatures like raccoon, mole, fox, gopher, beaver and armadillo. Don’t know the creature inside your house, contact us today.

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Photo credit: Tim Gage / Foter / CC BY-SA

Wildlife in Selma Alabama

The city is adjacent and western of Montgomery. It has an abundant history having been called the Butterfly Capital of Alabama. Its geography is roughly made up of 0.6 square miles of bodies of water, with 13.9 square miles land. Selma has been regarded as a huge historical district, with as much as 1,250 contributing historical buildings structures. Some of its main attractions are the Paul Grist State Park, Old Live Oak Cemetery and the Old Cahawba Archaeological Park. Notable appearances of wildlife animals like raccoons, squirrels, rodents and bats can be seem roaming in the nature areas.

Selma AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Selma AL

In most of our raccoon removal in Selma Alabama, the animals are most of the time shy or timid. However, this does not indicate the raccoons are tame or domesticated just like cats or dogs. Raccoons are untamed by instinct so always have precaution when they are around.

Squirrel Removal in Selma Alabama

In Selma Al, a common species of squirrels that we have seen is the gray colored squirrel. This squirrel weighs approximately 1 pound (perhaps up to 1.5 pounds). The distinct feature of the squirrel is their fur, with prominent white fur at the tips of the gray hairs. If you look closely, they have darker gray fur at their neck and back, with lighter shades in their chest. We provide Selma squirrel trapping, just call us.

Bat Removal in Selma Al

Bats can be referred as a natural insect killer by some people. The fact that one bat can feed on thousand insects in one evening, have actually made them somewhat helpful in farms or communities with a lot of disease carrying insects. However, the bats also carry these diseases, so it’s not beneficial to have the bats nearby Selma homes. Contact us so we can help you remove the bats.

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Our other Selma AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Selma AL

The armadillos in Alabama, with the ones found in Selma Al can be traced to the armadillos to the central and southern part of the United States. The animal has somewhat of bony plate’s carapace, appearing like coverings of leather-like skin. Armadillos can carry the dreaded leprosy disease so you may want to remove them in your property in Dallas County.

Skunk Removal in Selma Alabama

The Alabama skunks we’ve seen in Selma have small legs. The toes that they have in their hind feet have claws, straight and a bit short. On the other hand on their front feet, the toes are long and more curved. Dallas County skunks often use their claws to dig in gardens and lawns. The animal is a common problem for garden owners.

Beaver Removal in Selma Al

Beaver dams can become common place in Alabama towns. As such, removing it can be difficult and would require the help of experts on the animal. In 2010 in Gardendale, a 75 feet wide beaver dam was once removed (using explosives). It can be costly to remove dams and the best way is to have some beaver prevention in place. If it gets out of control, a Selma professional is needed.

Squirrel Removal in Selma Alabama

Photo credit: kennethkonica / Foter / CC BY-ND

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