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(Please call Springfield MA Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 413.787.6302)

Springfield MA Wildlife Control 

Welcome to Springfield MA wildlife control for all your assistance in wildlife removal in Springfield Massachusetts. We’re happy to provide your needed wildlife removal service in the “City of first.” If you need wildlife management, exclusion, proofing, prevention or clean-up, kindly give us a call for inquiries. Our most frequent requests include:

* Bat removal, exclusion of bats in the house
* Remove raccoons and prevent from entering
* Proof the house from squirrels
* Sealing of entry points against mice and rodents
* Sanitize and remove skunk foul smell

Springfield MA Wildlife Control

By John Phelan (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Wildlife in Springfield Massachussets

The largest city in West New England, Springfield MA has one of the most diverse and populated areas in Massachusetts. The whole geography is largely made of land around 32.1 square miles or 96.7% land. Water is around 3.3% or 1.1 square miles. The city is known to be the City in a Forest because of 4 square miles of urban parks. The area is very near to a lot of rolling hills, ranges and mountains which makes it a destination and nests for a lot of Massachusetts wildlife animals.

Wildlife Removal in Springfield Massachusetts

Raccoon Removal in Springfield MA

Raccoons can be found in most areas of Massachusetts. They can be found in forests, nature places and even in the city. Their scientific name is Procyon lotor and has been one of the most common animal intrusions in Springfield. Did you know there’s even a place called Raccoon Island in Hingnam Bay area near Boston? Raccoons are large in number in the state.

Squirrel Removal in Springfield Massachussets

There are different types of squirrels that can be found in Massachusetts. Two of the most common squirrel species we encounter on a regular basis in SpringfieldMA are the red squirrels and the grey squirrels. Most of the time the furry creature enters houses and schools. Squirrels can be difficult to remove and you would need a professional to help you deal with the animal.

Bat Removal in Springfield MA

Regarding bats, two common species we’ve seen are the big brown bats and the little brown myotis. They have soft furs that are short, which covers their body and the head. The colors of their bodies are dark brown, up to their wings. They can go in bat colonies and easily form in houses. In winter, buildings, houses and facilities are the bats favorite place for hibernation.

Our other Wildlife Removal Services in Springfield MA

Skunk Removal in Springfield MA

The Mephitis mephitis or striped skunk can be seen mostly in Massachusetts. We’ve seen a lot of this type in our visits. Aside from the strong bad smell they emit, there also recorded cases of skunk rabies in the state. Give us a call for removal of skunk in Springfield.

Mice Removal in Springfield MA

Mice can be difficult to deal with. In Massachusetts, this has been the problem in apartments, establishments and houses. Solutions such as sticky sheets will not work, because it doesn’t really get into the infestation. Contact us for details on how best to remove and proof your place from mice.

Wildlife control services in areas near Springfield Massachussets:

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Springfield MA wildlife control