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Welcome to Tahoe CA bat removal for your exclusion, removal and prevention procedures on bats. We provide bat control in houses, apartments, offices, establishments, stores and other structures in Tahoe California. Call us for questions and appointments for visits. We receive common queries like:

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Bats in Tahoe California

Tahoe CA is located in Placer County in California. With a zip code of 96145, Tahoe is the location of Lake Tahoe, a huge fresh water lake along Sierra Nevada, bordering Nevada State and California State. The city joins with Sunnyside, which form the census designated place of Sunnyside-Tahoe City. The city has mostly dry and warm summer, with not too hot temperatures compared to other areas in the state. This has attracted many people for those looking for good weather in California. However, the city has some wildlife intrusions recently, with several households, residents and businesses requiring bat removal, exclusion and bat management.

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Bat exclusion in Tahoe California

There are different species that can be found in Tahoe California. Some of these species include the Yuma myotis bat, Pallid bat and big brown bat. Other species of bats in California include the Mexican free tail bat and varieties of Myotis species.

Tahoe CA bat control

Female bats produce one pup in every one or two years. There are instances, they even delay their fertility and time the birth until they know the roosts are safe. Bats prefer warm places for roosts. They will also delay the birth to make sure there are a lot of flies, mosquitoes, spiders and other insects in their territory.

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Bat management in Tahoe CA

Bat management in Tahoe CA

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Droppings or wastes of California bats can cause health problems if it will not be removed or cleaned. A solution for this is to make sure bats do not roost even in those hard-to-reach places in your house, like the ceiling, roof or unused chimneys. Formation of the guano(the bat droppings) can be undetected for years and if dusts are inhaled can make people ill. This has been the case in several of our visits in Tahoe.

Tahoe City CA 96145 bat removal

Bats can bring anxiety from many other hazards. For instance, rabies is one of the feared infections from California bats. If this virus gets inside the human body, it can inflame brain. The nervous system as well as the spine can also be affected. Rabies can enter the body through an abrasion or a wound. This virus can even enter the mouth or the eyes. You have to remove the Tahoe bats as soon as you see them.

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