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Do you require The Colony TX wildlife removal services for your home, building, house or establishment? Contact one of our technicians to discuss the problem, so we can start developing a wildlife management strategy for your property. We provide bat exclusion, raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, wildlife waste cleanup, decontamination and more. We can deal with different types of species from the huge wildlife around Texas. We can also handle beaver, possum, armadillo, birds, snakes, rats, bobcat, rodent and other dangerous animals. Call us anytime for details.

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The Colony TXWildlife in The Colony

The Colony is made up of 14 square miles land, with 2.1 square miles of water. The place is located in Denton County and is a suburb of Dallas. Some of the recognitions of the city include ‘Sports Town of the U.S.’ by Sports Illustrated and the home for the 5 Star Athletic Complex. It also has the corporate headquarters of Pizza Inn as well the distribution facility of Edward Don. The city has continuous economic growth with business establishments, houses, condominiums and apartments seen in the downtown area. The place was fairly newly established and was named after the Peter Colony Lands from the Hedgecoxe War. In 1969, a couple of home developers thought of having a ‘dream city’ as modeled upon Dallas, with primarily ‘colony’ single family houses. With wide open spaces of scenic lands, the city is fortunate to have several nature parks and trails. Some of these areas are the Hidden Cove Park, Eastvale Park, Hawaiian Falls Water Park, Stewart Creek Park.

The Colony TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in The Colony TX

A species of raccoon commonly seen in Texas are the Procyon Lotor, which is one of the frequent ones we’ve removed in The Colony. This wildlife animal has a medium size at around 80 to 105 cm. with weight of around 4 to 10 kg. Most raccoons are stocky in terms of physical appearance when healthy and in good shape. They are omnivores, so they can notably get the food they need every day, without the danger of hunger of deprivation. Thin raccoons will most probably be sick and frail. It could be suffering from malnutrition and have some diseases.

Squirrel removal in The Colony Texas

Squirrels have small to medium bodies, usually slender with soft velvety fur and thick bushy tails. The fur color usually ranges from gray, brown to dark orange, with streaks of black and white in the fur. The squirrel’s notable trait is their wide big eyes. There are many different sub species such as the tree living squirrels and ground dependent squirrels. There is also a group called flying squirrels, not necessarily with ‘wings’, but with stretchable skin which allows them to glide from one tree branch to another.

Bat removal in The Colony TX

A medium sized bat species such as the Mexican free tailed bats can easily build up their roost along with many other bats in a certain place such as an apartment or building. In some expert studies, this species is also called the Austonian bridge bat. The size of these bats can range around 9 to 10 cm. weighing around 11 to 12 g. Their tails is quite long and makes up more than half of their whole length. Its interesting physical traits are its large wide ears, which they use mainly for echolocation purposes.

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Skunk removal in The Colony Texas

The skunk can be quite defensive with regards to its territory and living habit. It may not be as fierce as a bobcat, but it can be quite as dangerous just because of its bad smelling liquid it emits. This ill scent can reach far and wide and quite difficult to remove in a house. The skunks’ oily ammunition actually comes from two sacs locates near the anal tract near their tail. Some people thought for this smell to be some sort of gas, but this is actually yellowish gold oily liquid known as the n-butyl mercaptan. Aside from the foul odor, the oil can burn a skin and even injure the eyes.

Armadillo removal in The Colony TX

The armadillos are often feared the instant they are seen by people as well as kids. This wildlife creature has a scaly bony shell which can be scary as first sight as it looks like an armored shell covered rat. The nine banded armadillos are the most common species that can be seen all over Texas. They are great diggers and cause soil and landscape damages in gardens and golf courses. They have been long considered to be nuisance and pestilence by home owners. If there’s an armadillo in your property, it would be better to let a wildlife professional handle the work. Don’t attempt to hit it or shoot it, since these cause more problems. It can attack or the bullet might ricochet to its skin which has been reported many times in the news from residents who tried to shoot the animal. Just call an armadillo expert.

We also provide The Colony TX wildlife trapping of squirrel, armadillo, rats, opossum, beaver, bats, snakes, raccoons, birds, skunk, and bobcat. In addition, we also have wildlife experts work for home repair, rodent control, block entry points, sanitation, seal-up of animal entry, decontamination, dead animal removal,
animal body removal.

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