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(Please call Trenton NJ Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 609-989-4170)

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For wildlife solutions from Trenton NJ wildlife removal company, just contact our staff through our number on the page. We can handle different species of New Jersey wild animals like raccoon, bats, rats, squirrel, skunk, rodent, opossums, snake and many others. If you can’t identify the creature, and would like it extracted immediately, just let us know. We provide wildlife services that include feces clean-up, carcass retrieval, live trapping, prevention and decontamination.

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"Old Barracks, South Willow Street, Trenton (Mercer County, New Jersey)" by Jack Boucher. Public Domain via Commons

“Old Barracks, South Willow Street, Trenton (Mercer County, New Jersey)” by Jack Boucher. Public Domain via Commons

Wildlife in Trenton

Trenton is located in Mercer County and New Jersey’s city capital. The city is also within New York’s metro area and shares a border with nearby Philadelphia. Its foundation was around June 1719 where it was still part of Hunterdon County. In 1790, it officially became New Jersey’s capital as it was also officially declared as one of the 104 townships of the state in 1792. The name of the place actually came from ‘Trent Towne’ in honor of land holder in the area named William Trent. Throughout the years, the present name was adopted. The area has majority of land at 7.64, with only 6% water at 0.5 square miles water. Nearby towns include Hamilton, Ewing, Falls, Lawrence, Morrisville and Lower Makefield. Trenton has wide network of nature parks and hiking trails that are popular for a lot of locals and tourists such as Chambers Locust Garden, Cadwalader Park, Edgewood Playground, Sweets Fountain Park, Hetzel Field, Chestnut Community Garden, and Monmouth Field.

Trenton NJ wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Trenton

Squirrel species in New Jersey can be divided into 5 other sub families, with around 280 sub species and 56 genera. According to some studies, the oldest fossil of squirrel is the Hesperopetes which can be traced around 35 to 45 million years back. However, the squirrel fossils can’t still be linked directly to existing squirrel lineage of species. The closest lineages which experts can consider are the Sciurillinae and Ratufinae. Studies suggest modern squirrel today can be traced to lineages in America, than Europe or Asia.

Bat removal in Trenton NJ

A single bat or two may occupy a dark corner of a vacant room in your home, without being noticed for a certain period. There are times the bats stay for a couple of days or a week and then leave. Most of the time, the bats return to these roost. This is a common behavior of bats. Forming colonies can also happen which can become undetected for a couple of months if the house owner rarely have a general cleaning in the home. Long staying periods of bats may pile up droppings or wastes, which can become fungus that is bad for the respiratory system.

Raccoon removal

The raccoon lives naturally in wildlife preservation areas and forest in New Jersey. If you see a raccoon in your property, in your backyard, lawn or inside your house, it would be better to consider it unsafe. Don’t attempt to touch or handle the raccoon. It can easily be infected by viruses, pathogens and parasites from many other wildlife animals and species it crosses path in the forest in Trenton. Since a raccoon is an omnivore, it may have consumed spiders, bugs and mites. It may even have insects on its fur.

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Rodent removal in Trenton NJ

What are rodents? Its name has a literal meaning in the Latin term ‘rodere’ which means ‘to gnaw’. These are types of mammals from the ‘rodentia’ order which share similar physical traits in particular, the growing incisors in their upper and lower jaw. It is estimated that around forty to fifty percent mammal species are under the main mammal group of ‘rodents’. Almost all continents in the world have rodents, except very cold regions like the Antarctic. In cities in New Jersey, rodent population sometimes even surpasses the population of people.

Other wildlife creatures we also remove in Trenton are squirrel, termites, mouse, bats, mice, skunk, chipmunks, rats, woodchuck, raccoon, opossum, rodent, snake, groundhogs. For full New Jersey wildlife services, we also provide animal damage repair, block animal access, dead animal removal, decontamination, animal body removal, house damage restoration, sealing access points, feces removal, get rid of wildlife smell, sanitation.

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