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For Troy Alabama residents looking for nuisance animal experts, we provide Troy AL wildlife removal on bats, mole, raccoon and birds. Other creatures that we handle include armadillo, squirrel and beaver. We receive various calls on different animal problems.

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By Kreeder13 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Wildlife in Troy Alabama

The city is made up just 0.34% or 0.1 square miles water, with a large 99.7% land area or 26.2 square miles land. Troy Al has an abundant natural landscape with parts of East Gulf Coastal Region, Southern Red Hills, Chunnenuggee Hills and Dougherty Plains. The city regularly sees wildlife animals roaming around the grass, fields and trees.

Troy AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Troy AL

If there’s a raccoon in your property, don’t put off the trapping or removal. It can establish its den fast and it would be more difficult to remove the animal if they become more adaptable to your house. Deal with Troy raccoon intrusions as an emergency as always.

Squirrel Removal in Troy Alabama

A common squirrel we’ve seen in Troy Al is the gray squirrel. This species can readily be identified with their quite long and bushy flat tail. With mostly gray hair all over their body, they have darker shade of gray at the neck and back, but with white fur or light shade on their stomach. The Alabama gray squirrels weigh on average one to one and a half pounds. We remove squirrels in Troy, please call our operators.

Bat Removal in Troy Al

The bats seen in Alabama, in particular in Troy AL, are microbats, which feed on a lot of insects. The insects that the bats consume may vary, but all the same, they consume bugs, fireflies and mosquitoes in huge numbers. Some studies estimate bats can have as much as 1,000 insects to as high as 4,000 insects during night time. Bats carry pathogens, so remove them immediately.

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Our other Troy AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Troy AL

Armadillos frequently found in Troy Alabama have distinct physical traits that share similarities with armadillos from the Southern US and central U.S. The bodies of the armadillos are covered with shell plates, with light yellow to mottle brown skin. The Alabama animal can carry leprosy so have it removed as soon as possible.

Skunk Removal in Troy Alabama

In Troy, the skunks we’ve seen have similar traits with general Alabama skunks. They have rounded triangle head, will ball shaped nose. Their usually glossy black in their fur, with little white stripe that run from their rounded nose to their forehead. Despite this pretty furry appearances, you may not want smell them. We remove skunks, call today.

Beaver removal in Troy AL

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

Beaver Removal in Troy Al

In 2010, a massive dam was destroyed in Gardendale. The beaver lodge, which measures approximately at 75 feet wide, was blown away with the use of explosives. You can just imagine the amount of wood, barks, tree, mud and rocks that the beaver used for that dam. Beaver dams can be created in any place with running water, so become aware if you see a dome like structure in Troy.

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