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(Please call Troy IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-667-6731)

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For Troy IL wildlife removal in towns and suburb in Troy Illinois, kindly dial our hotline for your wildlife management assistance. We mostly provide different exclusion and proofing methods for houses, estates and buildings.

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Wildlife in Troy Illinois

The city is in Madison County and part of the Metropolitan Area of St.Louis. Troy Illinois has a majority of land area at 5.3 square miles or 99%. Water can only be seen at 0.06 square miles or 1% water. We have been receiving calls on several cases of nuisance animal problems and critter entry in facilities, households, apartments and shops.

Troy IL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Troy IL

The squirrels we’ve removed frequently in Troy Illinois are the tree squirrels. These kinds of squirrel are generally small in size. They can easily be identified with their bushy tail and big ears. A common trait they have is their long hind feet. The Illinois squirrels like to stay on tree branches and can enter upper floors of houses.

Bat Removal in Troy IL

If you’ve seen bats in Troy Illinois, you’ve probably noticed their physical composition. The bats actually have fur on the body, as well as on their head, though not that thick. Since they have thin fur, they can easily feel cold temperatures. This requires the Troy Illinois bats to hibernate in winter. Bats may enter houses for their winter hibernation. In Troy, this is common in households.

Raccoon Removal in Troy IL

The Illinois raccoon we’ve removed in Troy IL have the same grayish thick fur from the indigenous raccoons around the country. These raccoons have shades of other colors like light gray and light black fur. Some brown can also be seen in their fur. Raccoons can transmit diseases through their saliva, so it’s not good to have them around in Troy.

Other Troy IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Troy IL

Beaver Removal in Troy IL

Photo credit: stevehdc / Foter / CC BY-SA

If you’ve come across some beavers in Troy Illinois, you’ll notice they’re quite full of muscles. The beavers are often stocky, but they’re not necessarily overweight. This is the Illinois beaver’s natural appearance. They can weigh 50 pounds – 90 pounds and features an aquatic-like paddle tail which they use for swimming in a lake or river.

Skunk Removal in Troy IL

Skunks from Illinois, particularly in Troy IL, has similar behavior with other native skunk species in the US. Most of the time the problem brought by this wild animals is the horrible smell from their tail. Some people think this come from their anal part, but it’s actually from two nipple glands in the tail. The odor smells really bad and quite difficult to remove in a room or a house. If you’re near a skunk, it’s also difficult to remove from your clothes.

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