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For Truckee CA bat removal, you can call our operators for schedules and pricing. We provide exclusion and control of the flying mammal, in the towns and communities in Truckee California. For questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Bats in Truckee California

Truckee CA has an interesting history on how it traces its name. The first name of the place is from a saloon keeper, Coburn Station. Later, the town was named after Truckee, a chief of the Paiute indigenous tribe in Great Basin.

Truckee CA Bat Removal Services

The area is made up of mostly land at 32.3 square miles or 96.1% land. Truckee has 1.3 square miles of water or 3.9% water. It has a diversified geography as it is the location of Interstate 80. The city has the Truckee River which is the main outlet of Lake Tahoe. However, we’ve received a lot of calls from residents complaining of bat intrusions and left over wastes of the mammal.

Bat exclusion in Truckee California

Most of the bat species that can be seen in Truckee California eat insects like mosquitoes, flies, bugs and even spiders. Bats on a given night can consume 1,000 to 1,500 insects. The flying mammals are highly responsible in keeping the numbers of insects in check.

Truckee CA bat control

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Truckee CA bat control

Most residents in Truckee treat bats as pestilence because of their eating habits. Insectivore bat species in California has been regarded as disease carrying mammals, because they primarily consume mosquitoes, which has been known to carry different illnesses like malaria and dengue fever.

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Bat management in Truckee Ca

There have been concerns of public hazard if bats roost near people in Truckee. The droppings of California bats (called guano) and other wastes can make people sick if it will be inhaled by humans. If there are children, elder person or sick individuals in the place, they can be at risk.

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Proper management of California bats starts by being informed and knowing what to do when there’s a bat nearby. Though the general reaction of some of the people we’ve met in Truckee is being concerned, there are still people who are curious. Some would touch the bats or even handle them in their hands. We don’t recommend anyone to handle bats without proper safety gears and handling procedures. Even the U.S. agency Centers for Disease Control do not advice the public to handle bats, if the individual is not insured and without Truckee California license.

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It is unsanitary to have bats in your home and businesses in Truckee California. Call us now for removal.

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