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Unwanted wild animals thriving in your property? That calls for an effective animal extraction and wildlife animal proofing. At Anytime Wildlife, we provide bat removal, squirrel trapping, squirrel removal, raccoon removal and other wildlife control services in Valparaiso and nearby cities. Our mission is to protect you, your family, and your property without having to harm or kill wild animals.

Wildlife in Valparaiso Indiana

“Valparaiso,” which means “Vale of Paradise” in Spanish, has grown into a thriving city with a population of more than 30,000 people.

With its historic buildings, a world-renowned university, relaxed to five-star restaurants, unique, local shops and boutiques, dynamic entertainment industry, beautiful parks, lovely neighborhoods, no wonder that this busy county seat is the hottest spot in Porter County.

However, Valparaiso is also home to a wide range of wild animals including, bats, beavers, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and among others that may come into conflict with your family, home, or business establishments. To avoid any damage that these animals may cause, it’s wise to seek help from an experienced wildlife removal company.

If you’re in need of wildlife removal services in Valparaiso, contact us. We would be happy to provide Valparaiso IN Wildlife Removal and control services as well as educate you on how to live with wildlife and how to manage conflicts with wildlife.

Valparaiso IN Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Valparaiso

Photo credit: Gilles San Martin / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Gilles San Martin / Foter / CC BY-SA

Bats in your attic or chimney? Don’t panic; we can help.

Bats are helpful to preventing awful insects from your home. But they are noisy and highly susceptible to rabies and other diseases. Worse, when you inhale bat droppings, you may suffer from Histoplasmosis.

Histoplasmosis is an infection one could get from inhaling fungus spores that are present in bird and bat droppings. This infection can be easily spread after the spores become airborne.

Many people who are infected with histoplasmosis don’t develop symptoms and don’t know that they are infected. However, for some infected individuals, mainly infants and those with weak immune systems, histoplasmosis can be life-threatening.

For that reason, it is important to deal with the situation promptly. How to deal with a bat infestation safely? Dial our number.

Squirrel Trapping – Squirrel Removal in Valparaiso

Trapping or removal of squirrels can be tricky as several species including squirrels are protected under the law, so proper and authorized removal must be observed. Trapping such animals requires a special permit. Although they’re not typically aggressive animals, it’s always safe to consider hiring professional Valparaiso IN wildlife removers instead of handling them without proper know-how.

These professionals are armed with the right knowledge, skills, and equipment. They are committed to protecting you, your family, and your property without having to harm or kill wild animals. They will humanely remove them from your premise.

Raccoon Removal in Valparaiso

Similar with squirrels, raccoons are protected under the law. Therefore, only certified animal removers are allowed to trapped and get rid of them.

Just a tip, to keep away stubborn raccoons or wildlife forms from your property, remove food sources that attract them. Secure trash bins with tight lids. Don’t leave pet food unattended in your house. Clean grills after using it to remove the scent of the meat. Put guards on chimney openings and cover gaps along the exterior attic walls. These simple steps can discourage raccoons from entering your property.

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