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(Please call Washington NJ Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 908-689-1630)

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Let one of our Washington NJ wildlife removal professionals work on your persisting nuisance animal problems. We have specialists that can handle dangerous New Jersey wild species that have list their way into rural communities in and around the Jersey. If you need answers to long standing questions on wildlife problems, we would be glad to take your inquiries and provide needed solutions. Our staff is on standby and waiting for your calls. Just dial our Washington NJ wildlife hotline.

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"MonNatForest" by Valerius Tygart. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

“MonNatForest” by Valerius Tygart. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Washington NJ

Washington New Jersey is within Warren County and located in the Lehigh Valley’s eastern area. Its foundation is traced as far back as 1868, in the legislature of the state. It was named in honor of George Washington, just some of the many places named for the very first United States President. An important activity celebrated in the town is the annual ‘Washington Celebrates America’ on the Fourth of July. Other notable events are Festival in the Borough in September and the Warren Arts & Craft Beer Festival in April. The township’s recreational and parks department takes care of events and activities in Washington. It maintains several open spaces, nature parks, walking trails, sports fields and playgrounds.

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Bat removal

Sometimes residents in Washington New Jersey discover a single bat for a day in one room, only to find it in another room a couple of days later. It may enter in an access point such as a gap in the ceiling and roof, but use another entry point such as the chimney. There are home owners who let a bat leave on its accord, but there are cases where a single bat may bring in other bats to form a colony in a house. This is the reason bats need to be removed, whether it is a single mammal or even just a pair of wildlife animals. Don’t wait for a colony to form bat roost in your home.

Snake removal in Washington NJ

Snake size varies as there are different species and families of snakes. Some of the larger snakes can be around 25 to 30 feet long. A python for instance can measure 20 to 23 feet. In terms of weight, one of the heaviest snakes is the anaconda, but measures around 17 to 20 feet. For the smallest snake, the smallest known species is the Leptotyphlops carlae which measures just around 4 inches. Typical New Jersey snakes we’ve seen range around 3 to 6 feet. Not all snakes are venomous, but it can cause serious injury as well with its bite.

Raccoon removal

The public is always warned not to have a direct contact of raccoons in Washington NJ. These wildlife creatures may carry viruses in their bodies and may also carry rabies. Wastes, droppings, feces, urine and saliva are just some the means a raccoon can spread a disease. Also, if a raccoon is injured and wounded, with blood dripping from its body, it can also be a way for disease to be transmitted. Don’t let a raccoon use a spot in your buildings as a shelter. You can contact our staff for assistance from a New Jersey raccoon specialist.

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Squirrel removal in Washington NJ

The squirrels commonly found in New Jersey mostly like seeds and grains. Almost all types of nuts are also part of their sustenance. However, since most of these items are seasonal, meaning the food only comes out in certain periods of the year; the squirrels will have some bouts of food scarcity and may experience hunger. If they can’t find any of their favorite food, the squirrels in New Jersey may go for young small animals as well as insects.

We also provide Washington NJ trapping for wildlife like termite, mice, rodent, rats, mouse, woodchuck, bat, snake, skunk, squirrel, groundhog, chipmunks, raccoon, opossum. Our wild animal specialists can also provide other New Jersey wildlife solutions that include sanitation, remove the animal smell, decontamination, clean wildlife wastes, animal carcass removal, block animal access, animal damage repair.

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