West Springfield MA Wildlife Removal

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West Springfield MA Wildlife Removal

Stepping into Bear Hole Reservoir, you can already feel the breeze of fresh air from the grove of trees, orchard and woods. Wildlife animals can be seen around, with incidents of intrusions of bats, mice and rodents in several stores and buildings. In our visits for a West Springfield MA wildlife removal, exclusion of bats, dead squirrel removals and mice entry proofing has been the most common services asked by residents.

Locally owned Olander’s Wildlife Control now offers full wildlife control services in West Springfield in Hampden, Massachusetts. We understand the anxiety of having nuisance wildlife animals in Hampden. Having served the area in the past couple of years, we have received requests to extend our range in West Springfield.

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Wildlife in West Springfield

In our initial inspections in the area, we now know why the city is called ‘Crossroads of New England’. The place is rich of history from its early settlement, pavement of roads and building of bridges. West Springfield was able to foster agriculture and industrialization.

Special note in West Springfield’s geography: you will see abundant natural landscapes, ridge lines and lush nature trails in the city. Wildlife animals like raccoons, skunks, squirrels, rodents, mice and bats freely roam the diversified biological environment.

This can be seen in East Mountain, Snake Pond and Bear Hole Reservoir. From the busy interaction of some species, several wildlife creatures found its way into West Springfield residences and establishments.

West Springfield MA Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Control in West Springfield MA

One of the most frequent calls we receive is for West Springfield bat control. This is understandable since a lot of bats can readily be seen flying in Mittineague Park, White Church Hill and near Memorial Bridge. Roosts (created by bats) spread across different areas in the city is quite common. Bats are known to establish different nests in a territory.

Bat Control in West Springfield MA

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Bat Exclusion in West Springfield MA

A common misconception by most people who found bats in their home is that the mammal will soon leave after a day or two. However, bats instinctively create a lot of roosts in an area as big as a city. In West Springfield, bat exclusion is the most common problem of business owners since bats keep returning to the owner’s establishments after a certain period, with no solution in sight. If this is the case, don’t wait any further and call a bat exclusion professional in West Springfield.

Bat Removal in West Springfield MA

Bat management can be quite difficult to enforce and it’s not easy contrary to what other people’s belief. It can’t simply be done with quick solutions you heard from a friend. Bat control need specialization since every situation is different.

You may want to establish contact with a bat control professional from a West Springfield wild removal company who knows everything about bat removal. Olander’s wildlife control has specialists with years of experiences in bats and its different species.

Other West Springfield MA Wildlife Control Services

Squirrel removal

Squirrels can be fun to watch running outdoors, frantically grabbing flower bulbs, walnuts and acorns on the ground. Even kids can easily get attracted with these creatures. However, you might not want to have them in your place. As small as they are, they can gnaw, chew and bite furniture. Appliances, equipments and gadgets are not that safe too. This has been the case in our visits to remove squirrels in several West Springfield homes and food shops.

Raccoon removal

Catching and removing raccoons are not as easy as everyone think. Some tried to remove raccoons by hitting; only it hit them back, showing its sharp teeth and claws. It’s not a good idea to try and hurt the animal to force it out of your residence; raccoons are known to be stubborn. Even if it does leave, it will return again. The best way to remove a raccoon is to call a raccoon removal specialist. Call us in West Springfield if you need a wildlife professional.

Mice removal

In West Springfield, mice are a common wildlife animal problem. Contrary to what some residents think, local authorities does not handle mice. If there’s a mice infestation in your property, you are responsible to put it under control. The same can be said in dead mice. You are the one who need to clean up the mice litter or mess. Restaurants, supermarkets, kitchens and cafes are just some of the most common breeding ground of mice in West Springfield. Call us for an expert if you have problems in mice.

Skunk removal

Bat Control in West Springfield MA

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You will quickly know the smell of skunk because it excretes one of the worst odors that can make your stomach turn. In one of our visits in West Springfield, we removed two skunks from a diner, forcing the establishment to close for a week. You can just imagine the lost of time and money by the business owner. You can’t discount the number of customers they’ve also lost. Skunks are something you don’t want nearby your establishment in West Springfield. Contact our staff if you need a skunk removal specialist.

Rodent removal

Rodents have been known as the widest distributed mammal in the world and don’t expect them to be nonexistent in a city like West Springfield. Rodents like rats can easily adapt in a home and establish their habitat, though mostly their motivated to relocate in residences because of food and water. It’s not anyway safe to have rodents at home, since it brings significant number of diseases like salmonella and e-coli that you and your children sick. We have specialists for rodent control and removal, just call our number for details.

West Springfield MA Wildlife Removal