Westerville OH Wildlife Removal

(Please call Westerville OH Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 614-882-7444)

Westerville OH Wildlife Removal

Welcome to Westerville OH wildlife removal for all your removal, prevention and repair requirements in Westerville Ohio. We can provide your needed wildlife services for your businesses, households and apartments. Wildlife animal problems can be inconvenient. They can destroy furniture, closets, clothes and knock down valuable vases. It doesn’t help if you forego hiring a wildlife expert on a later day. Make sure to deal with wildlife immediately. If you’re looking for wildlife company in Westerville Ohio, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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Wildlife in Westerville Ohio

The city lies in the northeast of Columbus and part of Delaware County and Franklin County. Westerville OH was once known as the Dry Capital of the World, largely because of restriction in the sale of liquor or alcohol in the 19th century. Significant nature areas in Westerville include Sharon Woods, Brandon Woods, Inniswood Botanical Garden and Inniswood Nature Preserve. The area has several miles of forest, walking trail and various gardens.

Westerville OH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Westerville Ohio

If you’ve seen Ohio raccoons, they have this strange habit of washing their food. Well, it seems like they’re always washing their vegetables, fruits or some animal meat. This trait can be attributed to their original habitat which is near bodies of water like a pond or river. Odd enough, even if raccoons live in urban cities such as in Westerville, you can see them acting like they are ‘dowsing’ the food even without water.

Squirrel Removal in Westerville OH

The three common tree squirrels in Ohio have different reproduction traits. For the flying squirrels, they can have up to 7 young squirrels in one year. For the gray and fox squirrels, they can only have 1-2 baby squirrels annually. The squirrels though weaned the young for two months. We’ve frequently encountered fox squirreels and gray squirrels in our visits in Westerville.

Attic Restoration in Westerville Ohio

Intrusions of wildlife animals in Ohio would not be possible if a house is well proofed or protected. Attic insulation is one method that can be done in a house. This can include screening, repaired walls, or replacement of materials. Other materials can be used to ensure stronger insulation against the teeth or claws of wildlife animals. If you need attic restoration in Westerville, just get in touch with our staff. Our number is listed on the page.

Attic roof insulation in Westerville OHAnimal Damage Repair in Westerville OH

If you still can’t figure out the entry point of wild animals like squirrels or raccoons, you may want to employ some inspections on your roof. Wildlife critters in Ohio may enter a roof opening and make their way to your ceiling. They can live there for extended periods. Unless you have replacement or roof repair, wildlife may use your house as their nest or den for a very long time. Call us in Westerville for wildlife prevention and proofing methods.

Other Wildlife Control Services near Westerville Ohio

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The best way to handle wildlife animal problems is to prevent wildlife from entering. These include sealing, closing and proofing areas in the house. Call us in Westerville Ohio for your wildlife requirements.

Westerville OH Wildlife Removal
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