Westfield MA Wildlife Removal

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Westfield MA Wildlife Removal

For cost-effective Westfield MA wildlife removal and wildlife control in Westfield Massachusetts, on indigenous animals like bats, rodents, skunks, raccoons, mice, rats and squirrels and other wild mammals, call us. We’re locally owned Westfield MA wildlife Control Company with years of experience on the following nuisance animal problems:

* Skunk removal in Westfield Massachusetts
* Wild animal intrusions
* Foul odor from skunks
* Bat removal and exclusion
* Squirrel trapping and removal
* Rodent and rat control
* Bat control and management
* Raccoon removal in Westfield MA
* Wildlife animal dead, litter and waste removal

Wildlife in Westfield Massachusetts

Westfield is never short in wildlife as it is situated nicely from the Connecticut River Valley. It has the lush greens of Stanley Park, as well as Berkshire Hills merging from Westfield River winding down to Connecticut River. The city is just near Provin Mountain and East Mountain, with the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail traversing. The forests and trees in Westfield is still a regular attraction for coyotes, bears, raccoons, squirrels, rodent and bats.

Westfield MA Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Westfield MA

In Westfield MA, bats are more active in the evening. Being a nocturnal creature, these mammals spend most of their time in the dark feeding on insects like mosquitoes, flies, bugs and spiders. As much as the ecological balance that they provide bats carry around the diseases and pathogens from the insects that they eat.

Bat Control in Westfield MA

Bats has fairly small reproduction in a breeding season, where female bat giving birth to just one to three baby bats. Even so they can delay their fertilization until they think the litter can have an adequate food supply and in a good living condition in their current environment. The mother bats mostly care the young until it is already fully developed and strong enough to fly and search food on its own. However, during this time do bats became increasingly active in food search and in finding a habitable place for their offspring. Bats can carry their young from one roost to another, either to a natural habitat like a cave or even human-dwelling structures like chimneys and attics.

Bat Exclusion in Westfield MA

Bat exclusion and management becomes necessary if bats enter households, stores and business properties. You would need to extract bats from your place, since these mammals carry zoonotic diseases because of the number and varying insects that they eat. Center for Disease Control always recommend bat exclusion and removal as soon as you see the creature in your property. Give us a call for bat control and bat removal services here in Westfield Massachusetts.

Other Westfield MA Wildlife Control Services

Skunk removal

There’s always an uneasy feeling if there’s a skunk around. Even the mere mention of skunks can make people squirm. This animal gets the bad rep, obviously because of the strong foul odor that they release with no warning. The black and white fur of skunks is recognizable, so you already know and can identify them when they’re in your property. Skunks can be difficult to remove and you may need a professional regarding this. Call us in Westfield for removal of skunks.

Rodent removal

Rodent control can be tricky to manage, because rodents have always been known to move in groups. You may catch one rodent, but chances are there are other rodents lurking in other areas of your home or shop. In Westfield, we’ve set up a hotline for rodent control and management. We will dispatch a rodent removal expert to assess your rodent problem and plan the next step or procedure to take to prevent further more rodent intrusions.

Mice removal

Wild mice are just one of the most common wildlife animal problems we deal with in Westfield. We’ve removed mice more than any other nuisance creature, in several stores, restaurants, diners, cafes and food shops in the city. The methods in controlling mice may vary depending on the architecture, area, range or level of infestation. Kindly give us a call to discuss the best method to effectively remove mice.

Squirrel removal

Squirrel Removal in Westfield MA

Photo credit: Genista / Foter / CC BY-SA

Squirrels can be loved or hated by people. They can be fun to have around in the summer season, their favorite time of the year, because the fruits, trees and flowers are all in full bloom. You can see them running picking-up food anyway they can. However, they can be a headache for people, since squirrels are fond in hiding their food items in house areas and even in cars. In Westfield, we’ve encountered several cases of acorns and walnuts hidden by squirrels in engines and exhaust systems of sports cars and luxury vehicles.

Raccoon removal

Raccoon can easily be identified because of their distinct ‘bandit mask’, the black mask cover just around their eyes. In a way, raccoons live like bandits as their known to trespass and enter households and business properties. Some raccoons have been urbanized, where it was either born in people-dwelling places or wild raccoons learned to adapt after being displaced from the forest. Raccoons can be difficult to deal with, often urinating and pooping in gardens, lawns and pools. You will need a raccoon removal specialist if you found a raccoon in your home. Call us in Westfield for raccoon control and management.

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Westfield MA Wildlife Removal