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Do you need Windham NH wildlife removal services in Windham Rockingham for undomesticated animals like beavers, moles, opossums, groundhogs, rodents, bats and raccoons? Call us at 603-425-4250. We provide wildlife control, removal and management on nuisance animals in houses and facilities in Windham New Hampshire.

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Wildlife in Windham

If you’ve been to Windham, the city still has large areas of open rural spaces and undeveloped land. Its natural landscape includes several open fields, for soccer, baseball and general playground sports activities. Windham’s lush greens, grass and groves can be seen in Windham’s Country Club Golf Course and Griffin Park. The city also has Windham Rail Trail, a popular 4.1 miles nature trail for bikers, hikers, walkers and runners. The abundant nature and tree groves all around has since been a natural habitat for several indigenous species based on several calls and requests we received from residents.

Windham NH Wildlife Removal Services

Flying Squirrel Removal in Windham NH

Do you need to remove flying squirrels? The flying squirrels would rather hunt for food in the evening, where they use their sense of smell. This is the reason it enters most houses at night. The creature mostly forages on nuts, fruits, fungi and even bird’s eggs, but if they can’t find something in their territory, they go to households. The flying squirrels often use ‘gliding,’ which helps them to preserve their energy by jumping from a branch or window (instead of running or climbing).

Raccoon Removal in Windham NH

Here are some raccoon facts. The raccoons like to use glandular secretions from their body, particularly from their anal glands to mark their trails. It is common for a raccoon to leave feces, urines and wastes where ever they go. This is the reason raccoons are one of the primary source of zoonotic illnesses transmitted to humans. Raccoons need to removed immediately as soon as it seen in a property.

Beaver Removal in Windham NH

Ever wonder why beavers like to create dams? Known to be dam builders, beavers often use twigs, branches, leavers along with mud and rocks to build it on a stream. They use it as their refuge or home. According to some studies, the animal most often follow the sound of running water from a water source to know where and when it would build their dam.

Windham NH Flying squirrel removal

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Beaver Removal in Windham NH

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Our other Windham NH Wildlife Control services


Bird Removal

What makes up birds? The anatomy of birds is often made up of ‘distinct’ body plans which developed to adapt and facilitate their flight. Birds usually have lightweight bones in their skeletal system which is specific to their species.

Mole Removal

The main food sources of a mole are small invertebrates and ground insects, with their chief favorite, the earthworms. The mole often create tunnels as a worm trap, where as soon as it feels some worms fall into the tunnel, it would immediately run to eat the worms. Moles easily destroy soil of gardens and you would need the help of a mole removal specialist to remove it and prevent from coming back.

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Rat Removal

Rats usually don’t have a long lifespan and a lot of rats last 8-12 months primarily because of predators and rat control. However, interesting to note that rats reproduce in a fast rate and very often, so their population doesn’t go down and they’re still well distributed on all places.

Groundhog Removal

It is pretty common to see groundhogs to be ‘motionless’ standing erect on their feet. This is their usual stance outside burrows, where they watch out for nearby threats from predators or animal invaders Interesting to note groundhogs will fight another groundhog if it feels it is threatening their territory. It is not easy to remove groundhogs, call us.

Muskrat Removal

Aside from land, muskrats are also well adapted in the water. They have webbed hind feet which is common to aquatic animals and not sensitive to carbon dioxide like other water mammals. Their body composition is similar to whales and seals. When they go underwater, they close their ears to prevent entry of water and then use their tail to propel them in swimming. Muskrats often enter Windham households with bodies of water like artificial ponds and fountains.

Opossum Removal

The opossum female are known to reproduce big number of infant opossums. Although not all the babies can attach to the mother’s teat, they can reproduce as much as 14 young opossums in a single birth. The young opossums are often weaned from 80-120 days until it is detached from the teat and be able to leave the mother’s pouch.

Skunk Removal

Here’s a trivia on skunks. Known to prey upon honeybees, the skunk’s thick fur helps them be protected from the stings of bees. They often scratch the beehive’s front and then attack and eat bees the come out. According to some studies, the mother skunk would teach this trait even to young skunks.

Squirrel Removal

The squirrels’ primary diet often includes fruits, seeds, fungi, cones, acorns and conifers. They often go for high protein, fat and carbohydrate food items. Squirrels cannot digest cellulose like plants and grass, but would still eat them especially in spring where there’s scarcity of nuts, seeds and fruits.

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Bats seek out mates just after winter. In spring, as they come out from their winter hibernation, bats start to breed. The mammal usually have 1-3 litters in a one breeding season, though it is known that they control their fertility to make sure that their young would get the right nourishment and safe roosts.

If you saw an unidentified wildlife animal in Windham NH, contact a wildlife control specialist rather than deal with the creature. These animals come from the wild and more chances than not they carry with them various bacteria and diseases, which when transmitted to humans will be fatal. You can call our number in Windham New Hampshire for questions on our procedures, quotes and schedules.

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