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(Please call Wood River IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-251-3113)

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If you need a local Illinois removal company in Madison County that handles critters and animals, call our phone number for Wood River IL wildlife removal services. We extract bats, raccoon, mice and bird. Also, we provide nuisance control on other creatures like squirrel, mole, opossum, skunk and beaver. Our calls from Wood River include:

* Clean droppings of wild animals
* Burrowing animal control in Illinois
* Madison County Il wildlife number
* Specialists on digging animals
* Raccoon trapper expert

Wood River Illinois wildlife removal wildlife control raccoon squirrel bat beaver skunk rodent mice rat snake fox mole birdWildlife in Wood River Illinois

The city has a distinct history having once opened the world’s largest swimming pool in 1926. The pool served the public up to 1980’s where it was eventually replaced by the Wood River Aquatic Center. The city is made up of majority of land at 7 square miles or 97%, with water at only 0.17 square miles or at 3% water. Wood River IL is near Mississippi River and part of the ‘Riverbend’ cities that include Roxana, Godfrey, Bethalto and Alton. Several problems on wildlife nuisance and critters have emerged however, which demands professional and expert handling from a wildlife control company in Madison County.

Wood River IL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Wood River IL

For squirrels in Wood River, the tree squirrels are the most prominent and most common that we’ve handled. Noticeable traits about these creatures are their lack of activity in winter season. Mostly they stay in their nests and enjoy the fruits of their ‘food gathering’. The squirrels often revisit all their secret food cache. Squirrels likes to gnaw wood, so your furniture, closets and cabinets are usually not safe.

Bat Removal in Wood River IL

Bat Removal in Wood River Illinois

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

In Wood River IL, bats that you will often encounter are the small species microbats. They have unique traits for a flying Illinois mammal. If you’ve seen birds with their feathers or on their wings, well the bats do not have fur on their stretchable wings. Wood River bats have stretchable membranes on the wings. Bats can transmit diseases like SARS.

Raccoon Removal in Wood River IL

A distinctive trait of raccoons in Wood River is their fur. The animals usually have lengthy hair at the side and their back. They have grizzled coarse fur, usually brownish gray in color. Their fur can vary in color from light black to yellow gray. Illinois raccoons present problems like rabies and e-coli.

Other Wood River IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Wood River IL

For beavers in Wood River, their noticeable physical features are their tail. The beaver’s tail is actually shaped like a water paddle. It is big and with scales, formed in a way so they would be able be in the water. The Illinois beavers can weigh 55 pounds to 95 pounds.

Skunk Removal in Wood River IL

How do skunks discharge their horrible scent? The Illinois skunks usually release this bad odor in their 2 internal glands on the tail. These glands open as small nipples when the Wood River animal raises their tail. These glands are hidden when they bring their tail down. The scents are strong and can make you vomit.

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