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(Please call Wylie TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-442-8170)

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For wildlife solutions from Wylie TX wildlife removal company, just dial our hotline on the page. We’re licensed under the NWCOA or the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, the governing body for all wildlife companies, animal trappers and wildlife professionals all over the country. Handling a raccoon, bat or squirrel is not allowed in Wylie Texas, unless you have permits and licenses from NWCOA, as well as from state and local authorities. The public are prohibited in retrieval of wildlife species because of various dangers, risks and conservation concerns. Always call a wildlife company if there’s a need to remove a critter or an animal from the wild.

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Wylie TXWildlife in Wylie

Wylie is made up of a balance of land and water, with 14.2 square miles water and 21.04 square miles land. It is located in Collin County, with some areas that extend into Rockwall County and Dallas County. The initial name of the place is Nickelville said to be in from the very first store in the area in 1870. It was later named in honor of Lt. Col. William Wylie, a civil war soldier and railroad right-of-way agent. There are more than 700 acres of open parks and around 10 miles of hiking trail within the city. Some of the notable areas include Birmingham Farms Park, Lakeside Estates Park, Riverway Park, Wooded Creek Park, Muddy Creek Preserve, Municipal Complex Trail, Avalon Park and Wylie Lakes Park.

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Squirrel removal in Wylie Texas

The squirrels have many other tribe and sub family, aside from the general species seen in most states, such as the gray squirrels and fox squirrels. Did you know squirrel ancestors can be traced as far back as the Eocene period? These wildlife creatures actually have the dormouse and the beaver as far relatives in terms of physical and physiological traits. It also has several behaviors and habits like the typical rodents such as mice and rats.

Bat removal in Wylie TX

Bats have the ability to achieve extremely torpid state when the temperature in the environment drops very low. That is why in winter, you will find bats in deep stupor. Bats go into hibernation to conserve their energy during the cold months since there’s very little food source (insects). In households and business facilities, bats searches for unoccupied rooms or areas such as attic, garage or storage rooms to build their roosts.

Raccoon removal in Wylie Texas

Raccoons will often rummage in dumpster and garbage cans at night since they are nocturnal creatures. If you have trash bins near your home, make sure to completely close the cover lids. Raccoons have dexterous hands which they use to lift the cover. They can even turn door knobs. They can also squeeze into slightly opened windows. You can seek assistance from a wildlife company to install sealants, screens or caps.

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Possum removal in Wylie TX

Possums can be disruptive at night since their more of a nocturnal animal. It can make various sounds during the evening which can easily wake up residents and home owners in Wylie Texas. This has been the common problems we hear when we make inspections and perform removal procedures of wildlife animals. In the outdoors, the possums are known to live in hollow logs and wood piles. From time to time, possum will come out and go into house to search for food, which can then lead to various problems in households.

Skunk removal in Wylie Texas

It would be easy for people even children to describe skunks. After all, this wildlife animal has been notoriously derided in movies, television and news. The skunks can easily be identified for its predominant black fur and white stripe on its back. Its thick and bushy tail can also easily make it easily recognizable when it roams a garden or a lawn. Furthermore, the skunk will announce its presence in Wylie homes, with its horribly smelling scent it excretes from its anal glands. It would be quite hard to handle Texas skunks because of this stinky scent and should be left to wildlife professionals with skunk specializations.

Other wildlife species we relocate and trap in Wylie Texas include squirrel, bobcat, mice, bats, raccoons, skunk, snakes, beaver, rats, opossum, birds, armadillo and other rabid creatures. In addition, we have wildlife professionals for house damage restoration, block animal access, animal damage repair, and animal carcass removal, remove animal smell, rodent control, remove animal foul odor, sanitation, bobcat removal, decontamination.

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