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Anytime Wildlife is a nationwide directory of wildlife removal professionals. It is our goal to create the most relevant resource for homeowners and businesses to find an animal control specialist when they have animals damaging their property or threatening their health.

We strive to recommend and refer companies that share the same values that we do.  Those values are:

Treat people the way we want to be treated.

Do a good job, charge a fair price!

Never stop learning, or having fun!

Family is our motivation.



This website was originally owned and operated by Robb Russell(   -2013) Robb worked in the pest and wildlife control industry, eventually owning his own company. Then he started doing website and advertising for other companies. He was an unabashed promoter of himself and his friends. He also loved helping the “new guy”.  Many people in the industry have learned from the over 300 podcasts supporting the wildlife control industry on Talkshoe that he created. He contributed greatly to many wildlife control companies. When he passed away he left a gap in this industry that is still felt. His legacy is the wildlife removal companies that are better for his work in the industry and the family and friends that will never forget him.



Today is owned by Bob Jansma. In 2013 he met Robb Russell through the forum and Robb helped him start With Robb’s help the business was a quick success. Bob found he enjoyed the website and internet marketing and acquired Robb’s old websites. It is his goal to make a contribution to the wildlife control industry the way Robb did.