Animal Damage Repair

Animal Damage Repair Services

Aside from animal removal and trapping, wildlife removal companies can provide animal damage repair, restoration, remediation, insulation and rehabilitation. They can provide a full wildlife control service where they can bring along a staff that can do the work or they can refer you to an animal damage repair specialist. As a home owner, you should make plans to minimize or eliminate future wildlife animal intrusions after removing the wildlife animal.

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Wildlife damage repair problems

Raccoons have strong and sturdy paws, as evident on how they can open door knobs. Even so, if the wall, screen or plywood in your attic, crawlspace or room is damaged, this can easily be ripped and torn apart by a wildlife animal like raccoon. Also, creatures like squirrels, mice, opossums can also get through small openings, cracks and crevice. A damaged attic or wall openly invites a critter to enter your house.

* Damaged roof, ceiling, attic, walls
* Wastes and droppings from animal feces
* Bad odour left from the urine of the animal
* Formations of fungi, molds and bacteria
* Weak and cracked foundations
* Gnawed furniture, cabinet, closets

Solutions to damaged caused by wildlife

For animal control and wildlife management to be successful, a holistic approach is needed if you want to shield off animals like raccoons, bats, squirrels, mice, skunk or armadillo from entering your home. The wildlife company representative would usually begin by inspecting your home or establishment. After the inspection, they would inform you of an Integrated Wildlife Control Management Systems that would best work in your place. These procedure systems usually include:

* Exclusion of the wildlife animals
* Humane relocation of the creature
* Removal of animal feces, droppings.
* Cleaning, decontamination and sanitation of the place
* Repair, restoration and remediation of the area
* Prevention, insulation and proofing
* Installing caps on chimney and screen on vents
* Closing and sealing all entry points, holes, cracks.

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If you need animal damage repair services and have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also leave your contact details and one of our representatives would get back to you to help you with your wildlife damage repair problems.

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