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    FAQ – Wildlife Removal | Frequently Asked Questions on Wildlife Control

    How much does animal removal cost?

    See our Pricing page for a greater explanation.

    Do you offer repairs?

    Oftentimes the same company that removes the animals from your home is capable of doing the repair work as well. Just ask! In many cases the damage caused by the animals is covered by your insurance company. Again, your wildlife removal professional can help you if that is the case.

    What happens to the animals once they are caught?

    All of the companies we recommend are obligated to follow the laws of the state they are operating in. Sometimes that means they can release the wildlife animal, other times they might euthanize. Politics and personal feeling aside, it always depends on the state’s current laws on wildlife possession and wildlife transportation.

    The fate of a rabid animal may also depend on its species. Several states require that some animals be “euthanize” – notably if it has rabies vectors or if it’s extremely sick/injured. On the other hand, some states require that “protected animals” be spared and released in the wild. We strive to provide humane procedures, such as if the animal is in good condition, (and the state say it’s legal) it will be transported and released on its natural habitat. Overall, we would keep you informed on the wildlife removal methods that we would use.

    Why can’t the governing animal control department of a city, town or state provide the wildlife control service?

    This is a common misconception. The animal control provided by the government is limited only to problems caused by “domestic animals” such as “cats and dogs”. This includes animal abuse, bite reports, stray dogs and other domestic pet issues.

    There are some cities that can help in wildlife problems. However, in most cases, they “DO NOT have a specific Department for Wildlife Control.”

    NOT all county, town or cities have a Wildlife Removal department. This might be because of high cost or lack of manpower. Today, professional wildlife removal and wildlife control is handled by private companies.

    The local authorities, if you call them, would often direct you to find a Professional Wildlife Removal Company, specific in your area.

    Why do I need to call a professional wildlife removal company to remove the wild animal in my home?

    Professional wildlife removal companies in a town, city or state provide complete licensed wildlife control service. They would fully inspect your place. They would tell you about entry points or openings. The specialist will suggest removal methods, as well as sealing and proofing procedures to prevent the animal from coming back. The company will also clean the nests, litter or waste of the animal. Contrary to what other people believe, wildlife removal is a highly-specialized field that require study, licenses and expertise.

    What’s the difference between “Wildlife Removal Company” from a regular “Pest Control Company”?

    Even if other people think wildlife creatures are pestilence, Pest Control Companies DO NOT handle wildlife removal. It is a completely different service provider from a “Wildlife Removal Company”. Pest Control mostly provides control procedures to manage insect outbreak, such as mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites and sometimes rodents. They usually use misting or chemical sprays. Their service is a completely different field. They cannot handle bigger rabid animals like raccoons, moles, skunks, squirrels, bats and other wildlife creatures.

    What type of removal methods do you use?

    Wildlife removal companies’ uses different types of removal and trapping methods depending on state laws, animals and species. The trapping procedure also depends on the type of structure, establishment, circumstances and situation that the wildlife trapper experts see upon their inspection.

    What is your wildlife removal/wildlife control service range?

    Please check the wildlife removal service available to your area. Click your state from our list and select your specific city or town. This will take you to the city page or contact page of the company that provide a wildlife removal service to your place. The range often varies depending on the nearest county, town or city.

    Do you have permits, licenses and insurance?

    Wildlife removal and wildlife control companies are required to get licenses and permits from the state. This includes relevant county, city, or town occupational permits. The wildlife removal professional always carry these licenses in their visits, inspections and procedures. With regard to insurance, wildlife removal companies are required to get general liability insurance as protection for the client and for the company’s working staff.

    How do you determine the rates and prices?

    Wildlife removal companies charge different rates, just like other types of businesses. The prices depend on the scope of the job, usually depending on the type of wildlife animal, number of animals, trapping method, proofing procedure, distance, number of sessions, etc. Often, you can get a good idea of the cost by describing your situation to the wildlife removal representative over the phone. Also, wildlife removal requires a lot of study, licenses, risks and hard work – so expect these to be taken into consideration in overhead costs.

    Do you rescue orphaned, abandoned or injured baby wildlife animals?

    The primary service of wildlife removal companies is to provide removal of nuisance wildlife creatures, sealing, and entry proofing procedures in residential properties, homes, houses, office facilities and business establishments. We don’t pick up abandoned wild animal babies or orphaned wildlife animals left on public parks, waiting shed or outdoor field. You need to understand though, that abandoned baby animals happen because it’s part of nature’s cycle.

    By instinct, mother animals take care of their babies. However, there are instances that the mother animal leave its young for some reason beyond what humans see – could be that the young animal can’t survive or something the mother animal only knows. Abandonment happen often times in the animal kingdom. There is balance in nature and these things are part of the natural order. Let nature do its course.

    Please note: Professional wildlife removal companies run licensed businesses, with expenses for labor, staff, equipment, vehicles, maintenance, travel, licenses and state/city taxes. If an individual would be willing to shoulder the service cost, on circumstances like rehab, relocation or rescue of young/injured animal in a public area – you can discuss the pricing with the trapper professional.

    Do you remove dead wild animals?

    If the dead wildlife animal is found in the street, a department from your city service should be able to help. If the dead wild animal is found inside a private property, it is responsibility of the home/establishment owner to clear the body. You can call a wildlife removal to have it properly disposed.

    What are the health risks of the wildlife animals in household or establishment?

    Almost all animals found in the wild carry potential health risks. These can be through contact, bite, urine or droppings. The health risks often from rabid animals include rabies, roundworm, histoplasmosis, Rat Bite Fever, Salmonellosis (food poisoning), Murine Typhus, Rickettsial Disease, Leptospirosis (Weils Disease), Melioidosid, Trichinosis and many others.

    What type of animals you remove?

    We remove WILDLIFE ANIMALS that are nuisances in a private property, household or business establishment. Please understand that we emphasize “WILDLIFE ANIMALS”, which are the “untamed, undomesticated and rabid animals from the wild”. Please check our list of wildlife animals/services on the home page.

    IMPORTANT: We DON’T handle domesticated animals like cats and dogs. Please call your city/town animal control, usually within your local police department.

    “If you have some unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through this number 763-307-4384 so we can assist you.”

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