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    We often get asked why we don’t have pricing for our basic services posted online. The reason is in most cases we are a referral service representing many different companies across the country. Every single company is independently owned and operated and have their own pricing structure. We can talk about what goes into pricing job, however.

    Many people get the wrong perception that all people doing nuisance wildlife removal are like the Turtleman on tv.  Very false assumption. Most nuisance wildlife companies  are more similar to your other skilled service companies along the line of a HVAC, plumber or electrician. Our businesses are usually licensed by the state, we are insured, if we do the repair work we are bonded. We have marketing plans and phone lines, and vehicles that take gas.

    One of the challenges of nuisance wildlife removal is that it usually takes multiple trips as well. First we have to set the traps and then return to remove the animals, sometimes multiple times. This can add to the cost of the job. Sometimes a removal cost is higher or lower depending on the distance the nuisance control operators needs to drive. Sometimes extra services are added like repairing the entry hole or deodorizing. This can all add to the cost of the job as well.

    Considerations on Price

    • How dangerous is the job? (ladder work is always dangerous)
    • Difficulty in controlling the species? (Some species like gray squirrels are easy to control. Others like red squirrels can be more difficult).
    • Distance to your location? (If the NWCO has to travel 20 miles one way to reach your location, he will need to get paid for the time both ways).
    • Cost of living in your area? (NWCO’s in urban areas often get more money than those who live in rural ones).
    • Guarantee? what kind of warranty of guarantee does the wildlife control operator give? Depending on the species, a month to a year is sufficient. Also, guarantees are only as good as the company who gives them. If they go out of business, the guarantee means nothing.
    • Demand for services? How busy is the NWCO? Sometimes NWCO’s raise prices due to excessive demand. Other times prices may be lower due to reduced demand.
    • Remember, quality companies that have insurance, good equipment and training have high costs. While high prices don’t guarantee quality, low prices almost always guarantee that the person is not insured.