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A type of wildlife prevention that home and business owners can consider is attic insulation. Wildlife control companies would usually make an inspection of an identified entry site before they can determine the right insulation procedure, material or insulation system that can be used. Some of the different types of insulation may include fiberglass, sprayed urethane, cellulose and rock wool.

There are many problems a defective insulation may bring. This is one of the main causes of nuisance animal and critter intrusions. If there’s no proper insulation in your home, whether in the attic or another area in your house, this can cause inconveniences such as the following:

* Increased moisture in the attic
* Frozen crawl space or attic with icy texture
* Poor ventilation system
* High energy or electricity bills
* Worn out, torn plywood roof and ceiling

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Insulation procedure

After the inspection, wildlife control professionals will make a diagnosis on the building and structure performance. This will determine the house structure’s right insulation system. The inspection and diagnosis would give a general overview on the issues on the attic insulation. This should reveal if there are no insulation, little ventilation, missing air sealing or the overall poor insulation system. Every home is not the same, so your neighbor’s house insulation procedure would usually be different from your attic.

Attic repair and attic restoration

If your attic has been damaged from the moisture either from the defective insulation, extreme heat or torrential rain, this will make your attic vulnerable to wildlife animal entry. You can ask beforehand from a wildlife removal professional about attic repair and attic restoration. The wildlife companies will usually provide the most effective proofing or preventive measures to further prevent the entry of wild creatures.

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