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Don’t ignore a wildlife problem inside your home. Whether if it’s microbats resting in the ceiling, squirrel in the drawer or raccoon in the attic. There’s always the danger for the creature to cause damages or leave wastes and urine, which for the most part have viruses. We always recommend our clients for Arab AL wildlife removal services to take action as soon as they discover a wild animal inside their property.

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Wildlife in Arab AL

Arab AL is made of around 14 square miles of land (98.9%), with just 0.12 square miles (1.1%) water. The area has parts of the Brindle Mountain, with the town measure at around 1,100 feet above sea level. The mountainous, ridges and rolling hills have a common playground for some wildlife creatures and critters.

Arab AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Arab AL

Not a lot people know raccoons enter most houses at night. The animal usually roam in the evening from 8pm to 5am in search of food. If their natural habitat is near residential communities, there’s a great chance they would enter households or facilities. An interesting trait which some people don’t know about the raccoon is that they can also open doors. For some people this can be surprising, but raccoons have been regarded by zoologists as having a high intelligence. There was even one experiment where they were given tests to open locks, which they successfully completed. Raccoons can be rabid and difficult to remove, call for assistance.

Bat Removal in Arab AL

There are two common species of bats found in Massachusetts. These are the Eptesicus fuscus and the Myotis lusifugus. The two bats have short soft fur in the body and head, with darker brown bodies and wings. We often encounter these bats in our visits and exclusion procedures. Need to remove some bats, contact us now.

Squirrel Removal in Arab AL

Squirrels cause a lot of problems. They’re not as harmless as you think. Some people think squirrels cannot cause damages because of their tiny and furry physical nature. However, they can cause damages if they enter a house. Since squirrels are untamed and wild, they jump around places. Some of the problems we hear from people are couches that has been gnaw, broken glasses and dishes and ripped sheets. For immediate removal of squirrels, ask our specialists.

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Armadillo Removal in Arab AL

One of the common species of armadillo in Alabama is the 9 band armadillo. This armadillo is known to be a far cousin of the South America anteaters. The armadillo first came to public consciousness around the 1800’s in Texas. The animal soon migrated to east and north. If you need to remove armadillo in Arab Alabama, just call our number.

Beaver Removal in Arab AL

Photo credit: laszlo-photo / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: laszlo-photo / Foter / CC BY

The beavers are known for their dam building, and they’re pretty much guarded in their territory. They don’t like outsiders in their home and would often fiercely fight another animal that they do not recognize. However, one beaver can be part of a group of 5-7 beavers in a certain home range. Mostly these beavers are mates and relatives. Ask our representatives for removal of beavers.

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