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You see squirrels, bats, raccoons, rodents, skunks, and other creatures from the Indiana wildlife; roaming, searching for food and looking for their new habitat. In Beverly Shores, we receive problems like animal intrusions, aggressive nature and disease transmission. Oftentimes, the mere presence of such animals bring anxiety and stress to households and business facilities.

We always advise residents to have wildlife control management in residential areas, where you will find woods, forest and trees. The Indiana wildlife is one of the most diverse in North America as evident of the different creatures that inhabit the forests.

Sudden appearance of raccoons, bats or squirrels in your home, might bring panic or fear (especially to children), so it’s better to make yourself prepared. Be informed of the risks, threat and danger. Get in touch with a Beverly Shores IN wildlife removal company and establish contact with their experts, so you can immediately call them in any eventuality of a wild animal intrusion.

Beverly Shores Natural Landscape

Beverly Shores’ early geography was originally planned to be developed as a resort community in the early 1900’s, with the real estate development gaining momentum in the 1930’s. Several infrastructures stores, roads, school, parks, and driving ranges were built and were incorporated to the houses and apartments.

The community of Beverly Shores has its own part in the preservation efforts of the Indiana Dune. The town features an affluent landscape of nature, woods and trees, with a popular camp site for nature lovers (the site is in Dunewood Camp).

Other attractions in Beverly Shores, which draw locals and tourist all year round include scenic beaches, parks, and nature trails. It’s quite common to see cyclist, hikers, and bird watchers in the area.

Knowledge on wildlife always helps. Get to know more about squirrels, raccoons and bats.

Beverly Shores IN Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Beverly Shores

Squirrels species extends to wide variety of subfamilies, with a familiar family member, the chipmunks. You can easily identify the squirrel chipmunks – they’re small and have light brown fur, with several alternating white and dark stripes that goes down their spine.

In Beverly Shores, squirrel chipmunks can often be seen in Dunewood Camp picking up acorns and hazelnuts. Chipmunk squirrels can be classified under the Greek genus name ‘Tamias’, which means housekeeper or treasurer, as noted for their habit to hoard and collect as many food as they can during summer, stockpiling them in different locations, where they methodically visit in winter (when such food items disappear)

An interesting fact about these small creatures is that they cannot defend themselves from larger predators in the wild. Their natural defense is to run and hide. If they are in a group, they can however warn each other by a distinct ‘whistle’ of an approaching danger.

Raccoon Removal in Beverly Shores

The raccoons in Beverly Shores are often drawn to camping sites, outdoor picnics and barbecue grill parties. There are times, people would feed raccoons with food left over such crumbs or spoiled food. Though this might look altruistic and give an impression that you’re caring for the animal, this is not beneficial in the long run.

Throwing left over and hand feeding raccoons is actually not good for the raccoon and the neighborhood. Ultimately, it will not be desirable for you, your kids and even your pets. In this situation, the raccoon might lose their fear of people. They may find this habitual and even follow you around (even intrude your home). If they don’t get what they want they can even be aggressive or violent. This could also invite more raccoons to an area, an issue of over population that has risks of animal diseases.

Bat Removal in Beverly Shores

Bat Removal in Beverly Shores

Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

There are several species of female bats that give birth in a so called ‘maternity caves’. These are caves with a certain roof shape that trap the body heat of the mammal, so the young bats (which are born without the protective furs) will be able to survive if the mother leave to search for food at night.

Maternity caves can house thousands of adult bats with their off springs, forming maternity colonies inside the sheltered rock formation. Aside from caves, other bat species also uses other maternity roosts such as hollows from big trees, buildings and even houses. They usually carry their young from one roost to another to shield the baby bats from predators.

If you need wildlife removal in Beverly Shores, to expel creatures like raccoons, bats, squirrels, and other nuisance animals, don’t hesitate to call our staff for questions, pricing and scheduling.

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