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Squirrels can get lost and find their way in households in Calhoun County Alabama. Most often, animals like raccoons and skunks can be undeterred and will seek shelter, water and food in homes. If you have children, these creatures can present dangers far from you can imagine. Get in touch with our representatives for Calhoun County AL wildlife removal services to fully remove the animals from your place.

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Wildlife in Calhoun County Alabama

The county is named after former South Carolina U.S. Senate member John Calhoun. It is mostly made up of land at 606 square miles or 99% land. Water can be seen at 6.4 square miles or 1% water. It contains two significant national protected areas namely Talladega National Forest and Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge. This has made Calhoun County a natural refuge for various wildlife animals and species.

Calhoun County AL Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Calhoun County AL

Bats are presumed to hibernate as soon as temperatures dropped or when winter begins. However, not all species hibernate. There are species that migrate and fly away from the cold places. In northern states of the country, where winter have extreme weather, bats migrate south, where climate are warmer and tolerable. In Alabama, it’s common to see a lot of bats in December to February.

Raccoon Removal in Calhoun County AL

Raccoons in Alabama, particularly the adult male raccoon often live within a mile for their home range. It’s not surprising to see some raccoons however gather in groups during winter and during mating season. The female raccoon often waits for male raccoons, which travel as they search for their mate. These raccoon behaviors can be observed in Calhoun County.

Squirrel Removal in Calhoun County AL

Squirrel Removal in Calhoun County AL

Photo credit: Peter G Trimming / Foter / CC BY

A tree squirrel species sometimes seen in Alabama is the small size red squirrel. This species have reddish shades of fur, with touch of gray and brown. A lighter shade can be seen on their chest. These squirrels are not big and can measure only 0.3-0.7 pounds. The average length is 9 inches to 12 inches. These squirrels can squeeze their way into small openings. In Calhoun County, residents complain a lot of intruding squirrels.

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Beaver Removal in Calhoun County AL

The beavers in Alabama are known for their uncanny skill in structural engineering. The wild animal can build lodge using materials that can be found in the wild. They will go for trees like birch and will, to cut some branches and barks. They would then carry these to their chosen spot preferably on top of a body of water, like pond or stream. They will also use stones and mud to fortify their dam. You can call us for beaver prevention in Calhoun County.

Skunk Removal in Calhoun County AL

There are instances skunks would use the den created by other animals like woodchucks, raccoons and badgers. These dens can be in caves, rock formations, stumps and rock piles. Skunks seen in cities in Alabama can also live in trash piles, sheds, under patios, sewers and wood piles. They can also live in houses. We can help you deal against skunks, call us for details.

Armadillo Removal in Calhoun County AL

Armadillos in Alabama have been known to dig for worms, though they don’t stick to this diet exclusively. The shelled animal can also consume termites, ants, bugs, spiders, grasshoppers and other invertebrates. They can also eat eggs from turkeys, quail and birds. There are cases they would even prey into nests of birds in the forests. Armadillos can also live in gardens in Calhoun County. Please call our number to remove armadillos.

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