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Wildlife removal, proofing, control and management require consistent attention; and shouldn’t be ignored and neglected. Rabid animals like raccoons, skunk, rodents, bats, squirrels, and other creatures can always become a nuisance in any town or any city. In Chesterton IN, this has been the case, where in several instances a property owner tries a “D-I-Y” method to expel the trespassing critter. In our meeting, the resident admitted the ‘do-it-yourself’ method didn’t work.

Wildlife removal experts knows how to handle animals humanely and safely so they can be brought back to their real habitat. It’s always better to let wildlife control professionals do the job. Wildlife control requires licenses and safety management, which only a dedicated company can provide.

For rabid animals, you can call our Chesterton IN wildlife removal number – any questions on the methods, scheduling and pricing will be promptly replied by our staff.

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Wildlife in Chesterton IN

Chesterton IN has some of the most noted environmental attractions in Porter County despite the relaxed trade atmosphere. The town’s park system includes down town parks, greens, sports fields and fairways. Also, it is just nearby the Indiana Dunes State Park and within Porter County Park District. Chesterton also features the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve which can be seen downtown.

However, this nature landscape brings in some of the most vicious animals from Indiana’s wildlife. Raccoons can sometimes be seen near Coffee Creek washing fruits. Bats fly in and out of the Watershed just before night time. Squirrels can be seen running in the fields carrying pecans and corn. Wildlife is abundant in the whole of Chesterton.

Prepare yourself; learn about raccoons, bats, and squirrels.

Chesterton IN Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Chesterton

Though known as a night creature, several raccoons can be seen up until around 9 in the morning. This is the case if a raccoon still haven’t found some food. In such cases, the animal starts to become stressful and agitated for lack of food.

Raccoons can be quite frightful and would often turn away if they see people. However, small kids and children might not be prepared if they see the creature. The animal might not even feel threatened of a kid and quite possible the raccoon might attack. You should be able to explain to your children the nature and characteristic of the mammal. If they see one, you can teach them to say, “There is a raccoon!” Tell this to your kids, rather than allowing them to just scream or in some instances let them freeze in fear. Letting children shout the name of the animal can alert adults that a raccoon is nearby.

If you need Chesterton IN raccoon removal services, call us.

Bat Removal in Chesterton

Almost majority of the people we’ve met who called us for bat removal services in Chesterton ask, “Why can’t they see the bats fly in daytime?”

Some of them are actually shocked in seeing a couple of bats resting in the ceiling and upper rooms of their houses one morning. These bat intrusions in residential areas is not a surprise. The mammals are nocturnal and they only come out at night.

When the sun starts to rise, bats will fly into their established roosts, usually in several different spots within an immediate territory. These different roosts can be in a cave, tree hollows, under barks, under bridges, huge logs and even dormant volcanoes.

Nearby residential communities are not spared either as bats also seek refuge in ceilings, attics and upper rooms. This usually happen if they’re still flying in the early morning and daylight quickly engulf the surroundings.

Studies through the use of radio tracking discovered bats likes to use several different roosts within a neighborhood. (Just like having to choose 5-8 apartments within a city).

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Chesterton

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Chesterton

Photo credit: Jäger & Sammler / Foter / CC BY-ND

Familiar sights in Chesterton are tree squirrels, leaping from one tree branch to another. However, tree squirrels are different from ground squirrels. Other people always think they are the same.

Tree squirrels can mostly be seen in forest, woodlands, and city parks. Known to be good climbers, they would descend trees with their head first to get their share of food and then climb back again to store them in their cache.

They’re fond of storing lots of food in different locations during summer, usually storing them within tree crevices and holes. They like acorns, flower bulbs, nuts and berries, just about everything that’s full of flavor.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Seal entry points of your home. Call us for details.

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