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Welcome to Fairview Heights IL wildlife removal for your critter removal and animal control on raccoon, mole, and bat. We also provide wildlife management and exclusion on skunks, squirrel, beaver, bird and other creatures.

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Wildlife in Fairview Heights Illinois

This city is considered as a shopping hub in South West of Illinois, which has the popular St. Clair Square Mall. It has a large land area around 99.3% or 11.4 square miles. Bodies of water are at 0.7% or 0.08 square miles. Wildlife is around Fairview Heights, with removal of squirrels, raccoons and bats as the most common calls we receive.

Fairview Heights IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Fairview Heights IL

Fairview Heights residents are sometimes shocked when they see raccoons inside their home. However, you have to understand that raccoons are pretty much common in Illinois. The animal would sometimes open doors or even windows so they can enter a house to get food. We can provide assistance in proofing against raccoons.

Squirrel Removal in Fairview Heights IL

Squirrel Removal in Fairview Heights Illinois

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Illinois has many different species of squirrels. There are common squirrels that can be seen all over like the grey squirrel. Other types that we have seen so far include the eastern red squirrel and the fox squirrel. We have squirrel specialists, call us now in Madison Illinois.

Bat Removal in Fairview Heights IL

We’ve removed the bats species ‘microbats’ in most of our visits in Fairview Heights. Microbats are actually large in numbers and can be seen mostly all over the country. This species likes insects exclusively and they search for insects mostly in the evening. For removal and exclusion of bats, just contact our representatives.

Other Fairview Heights IL Wildlife Control Services

Skunk Removal in Fairview Heights IL

The Fairview Heights skunks that we’ve seen, are medium in size, on average about 25 inches. They have shorter legs compared to other wildlife animals. The male skunks are usually heavier than female species of the Illinois skunk.

Beaver removal in Fairview Heights IL

In Fairview Heights, the problem often caused by beaver’s lodge is beyond the architectural skill displayed by the animal. Formation of piles of woods, barks and branches can be seen. Silt can form, as well as cause the water to be stagnant, bringing rise to mosquitoes. Remove dams and relocate beavers immediately.

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