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Having been in wildlife control for quite some time, I have received requests to provide Goffstown NH wildlife removal in Goffstown and nearby towns in New Hampshire. I feel privileged to be able to help Goffstown residents with nuisance creature issues and wildlife animal concerns.

We understand the anxiety most people feel upon seeing a beaver in their yard or a rat in their kitchen. Wildlife animals belong to the wild and not in your home. This is especially true if you have worked hard to make sure your dream house look the way you have been dreaming about all your life. If an untamed animal like a mole, skunk, squirrel or bat showed up inside your home, it’s understandable to feel irritated. I know this and feel the same way like the other people. I have been serving Hillsborough towns to help people with wildlife animal problems in the past couple of years.

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Wildlife in Goffstown

Goffstown’s wildlife attracts New Hampshire indigenous animals in its temperate fairways, leaf canopy and small trees of its parks and sanctuaries. Bats, beavers, rodents and squirrels can be seen in Glen Lake Waterfront, Barnard Park, Skateboard Park and Sarette Recreation Complex. Wildlife animal intrusions though become a problem for residents, landlords and store owners after some developments in the city.

Goffstown NH Wildlife Removal

Raccoon Removal in Goffstown NH

If you’ve had raccoon intrusions in Goffstown, you may have noticed its physical traits. Raccoon skulls in particular are relatively short, but wide in its facial region, just wide enough to prominently display their unique ‘black facial mask’. In addition, raccoon skulls have a voluminous and extensive brain case. The skull’s facial length though is less than the cranial, with shorter but broad nasal bones. Raccoons typically have 40 teeth.

Flying Squirrel Removal in Goffstown NH

Flying Squirrel Removal in Goffstown NH

Photo credit: allyaubry / Foter / CC BY

The flying squirrels are not limited to single type and have other species. Considered as the biggest flying squirrel species is the Eupetaurus cinereus or the woolly flying squirrel. It has two other sub species, the Pteromys volans or the Siberian flying squirrel originally from Northern Europe and the Glaucomys genus flying squirrels which are indigenous to North America.

Beaver Removal in Goffstown NH

Aside from being land animal, beaver posses certain traits that allow it to swim and yet have protection just like other water animals. They can even see underwater because of the nictitating membrane in their eyes. To prevent them from drowning, the beaver naturally shuts their ears and nostrils. Their fur consists of long outer coarse hairs, inter-laying with short inner fine hairs, with usually brown colors. They secrete some sort of a waterproof oil substance, the ‘castoreum’ to protect their fur from damage when they go underwater.

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Our other Goffstown NH Wildlife Control Services

Bird Removal

Did you know birds are socially monogamous during their single breeding season, which can last for several years? On the other hand, some bird species have unique ‘polyandrous’ (multiple male birds) or ‘polygynous’ (multiple female birds) breeding systems. The birds basically lay eggs in their nest for parental incubation, with extended care after the eggs hatched. If you like to prevent birds in your property, you may want to seek an expert. Bird control is difficult to handle, better to call a professional to help you out.

Rat Removal

Two of the widely seen rats in New Hampshire are the brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) and the black rats (Rattus rattus). Both are known members of ‘true rats’ which traces back its origins to the Old World rats which came from Asia. The rats found from the wild usually weigh about half a kilogram. The urbanized rats vary in size and weight weighing heavier than the wild rats.

Groundhog Removal

Groundhog Removal in Portsmouth NH

Photo credit: Gilles Gonthier / Foter / CC BY

The groundhogs in Goffstown New Hampshire may have increased its population because of the deforestation and forest clearing in some parts near the state. There were a time when its population were limited because of wildlife hunting, but groundhogs were able to recover lost numbers by their fast reproduction. For these reasons, the groundhogs are fairly known and widely seen in Northern US and Canada and have been one of the frequent animals we remove in households.

Muskrat Removal

Some people in Goffstown NH would refer to muskrats simply as ‘rats’. Even if the wild animal shares some semblance with rats, they don’t belong to the same genus family. The name ‘muskrat’ however were used mostly because of the ‘musky’ smell grouthat the animal likes to mark their territory. Later on, the two terms were joined which the creatures have been popularly known.

Opossum Removal

Opossums have an interesting characteristic where it can stand with its hind feet flat on the ground. The creature can do the ‘plantigrade stance’ on their hind feet, which have no claw. With this stance, along with a prehensile tail, the opossum share some traits with species of New World monkeys. The possums like other marsupials have awn hair fur, with the female possum having a pouch. A male opossum has their penis forked, which bear two glands.

Mole Removal

The moles that can be found in Goffstown belong to the Talpidae family from the Soricomorpha order which can mostly be seen in North America. Widely known as a subterranean wild animal, it can spend hours and hours digging tunnels and pushing molehills in search for soil insects, primarily earthworms which give them the protein and the muscle to claw their way into the ground. Don’t let moles establish habitat in your lawn because they can easily create tunnels causing damages to your soil.

Bat Exclusion and Bat Removal

The social structure of bats may vary depending on the species, environment or season. Some bats can live a solitary life and you can find such bats which build its roosts in warehouses, facilities, buildings and residential structures. Bats can also live in large groups (as much as a million bats) that can be found in caves, mountains and volcanoes. The bats can adapt into a new habitat easily, the reason you will see them in different parts of a city.

Skunk Removal

Skunks are not picky in their diet and can be flexible on the type of food available in their environment. The skunks often change their food preference based on their territory as well as the change in the season. Skunks can have plant based staple make up of roots, lettuce leaves, grass, berries, nuts and fruits. Their animal based diet can include birds, eggs, chicks, lizards, snakes, frogs, mice and earthworms. Skunks that appear in your home may have been displaced and were not able to find food in the wild.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels found in Goffstown usually breed once or sometimes twice annually. They can give birth to an average number of young (3-5), around 4-6 weeks since mating. The young squirrel comes out without teeth and fur. The baby squirrel also still can’t see. The mother squirrel will take care of their young up to around 10 weeks of age. A squirrel becomes fully developed adult after a year, where it then starts to become sexually mature.

Wildlife removal requires careful study and expertise, with professional staff required to fulfill insurance requirements, state licenses and city permits. Contrary to what other people think, wildlife control is not an easy skill that can be learned. There’s a lot of study, planning and strategy being done by a wildlife control company to ensure the removal and prevent a wildlife animal in returning to a property. You can call us in Goffstown New Hampshire for inquiries and details of our procedures.

Goffstown NH Wildlife Removal
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