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Need raccoon removal or bat removal in Highland? Looking for a professional in squirrel trapping and squirrel removal services in Lake County? We are glad to bring an esteemed group of wildlife control experts and specialists in Highland, Indiana. Connect with the best Wildlife Removal Company in Highland today – call us!

Wildlife in Highland

Highland brims with a wide array of nature parks, greens and woodlands, from the beautiful landscapes in Highland Terrace Estates, Pettit Park, White Oak Estates, Golfmoor and Ellendale. Along the wealthy subdivisions and neighborhoods, Highland also shelters a lot of indigenous animals from the wild.

Creatures like raccoons, skunk, bats and squirrels never seem to run out of stomping ground in Highland. We receive calls from town house, apartment and mansion owners, as well as Highland business people – asking and requesting – for immediate help to remove rabid animal intruders in their home, so everything can be restored back to normal.

Wildlife Removal Services in Highland IN

Bat Removal in Highland IN

Bat Removal in Highland IN

Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

Voracious bug eaters and nocturnal in nature, bats don’t just stay in the forest or mountainous areas of Lake – they also fly into houses, businesses and building structures in Highland and the nearby towns. A common sight in the Crosstown trail by pedestrians and cyclists, you’ll often see bats in unexpected places like a child’s bedroom, an attic or a nursery room.

Some Highland residents though take micro-bats for granted, often thinking these bat species are small in size and look tamed. However, these creatures are virulent and nuisance. Never allow these mammals in your property because they’re a pestilence and can make anyone sick. If you have children and elders at home, you should never let bats come close. Call a bat removal expert from a Highland wildlife removal company to handle the situation.

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Highland IN

Photo credit: Genista / Foter / CC BY-SA

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Highland IN

Some of the creatures often seen by a lot of nature lovers in Erie Lackawanna Trail are some small furry squirrels – dashing like crazy to bring their fruits, seeds and nuts to their forest home. Squirrels’ nests can be found in trees, logs and shrubs in Highland. However, recent calls we receive reveal squirrels have found their way in several food shops, kitchen and offices.

In fact, we received calls from business owners with problems on squirrels filling some of their tanks, tubes and pipes with corn and conifer cones. The store only took a short break for a renovation, but the next that thing the owner discovers were squirrels taking a foothold in some areas of their shop. Squirrels are not that easy to catch and they often gladly return the next day. Good thing they called us to trap and apply proofing against the animal. If you have similar squirrel problems, call us in Highland for details and appointment.

Raccoon Removal in Highland IN

Raccoons can be quite untamed and wild, and this is especially true if they got out of their natural terrain. Let us share to you a proof of their wild nature. There was this incident from a complaint we received from a landlord, who tried to hit a raccoon that grabbed a barbecue in his outdoor BBQ party. He tried to hit the raccoon with a cane, only it fought back, grab the stick, until eventually it just run away.

Rabid raccoons can be dangerous and will often bite and scratch if they feel threatened or if their food is taken away. Many times, raccoons have already established a habitat in an area, either in a yard or a lawn, without the knowledge of the owner. Raccoons are difficult to expel if you don’t know how and it would be more helpful to call a Highland raccoon removal specialist. Call a Highland IN Wildlife Removal Company – if you need one, contact us today!

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