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If you’re looking for a Hillsborough NH wildlife removal company in New Hampshire, we’re glad to announce that Bestway Wildlife Control will now be providing wildlife removal services in the following:

* Flying squirrel exclusion
* Beaver removal Squirrel removal
* Beaver trapping
* Mole underground animal removal
* Rodent control
* Groundhog removal
* Removal of skunks
* Rat control in Hillsborough
* Opossum removal
* Removal of muskrats

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Wildlife in Hillsborough

Hillsborough has the Wapack National Wildlife Refuge and Pack Monadnock Range, popular migration sites for a lot of birds. It provides natural nests habitat for hawks, songbirds, Swainson’s thrush, magnolia warblers, and tree sparrows, which makes it a known tourist attraction for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The area also provides refuge for a wide range of wildlife animals like coyotes, fox, weasel, beaver, deer, raccoon, squirrel, bats, groundhogs, opossums and flying squirrels.

Hillsborough NH Wildlife Removal Services

Beaver Removal in Hillsborough NH

In our inspections in Hillsborough, a lot of people ask about the characteristics of the beaver. The species found in New Hampshire, is the North American beaver, which is native in the States and can also be found in some parts of Canada. Though primarily seen roaming on the ground, beavers are actually semi-aquatic and can swim with their webbed hind feet and paddle shaped tail. You would need a more focused strategy if you would like to prevent beavers from your home. In Hillsborough, we have beaver removal specialists in standby. Call our number on this page for more details.

Raccoon Removal in Hillsborough NH

You might have noticed several unusual characteristics of raccoons. For one, they do have the ability to go down the tree with their head first. They can rotate their hind feet, where it will point backwards, without causing any broken bones or joints. In several instances in our raccoon removal in Hillsborough NH, some residents reveal that raccoons climb up the second floor of their houses, entering through open windows and chimneys, and then come out and go down, head first. The home owners often said that raccoons already established dens inside their home and the raccoon urine, droppings and wastes caused alarm on health risks from disease transmissions of the animal.

Flying Squirrel Removal in Hillsborough NH

Flying squirrels actually uses parachute like membranes attached in their feet and arms, then using them to ‘glide’ in the air. These types of squirrels cannot power and sustain their flight the way birds do. However, the flying squirrels, as soon as they jump to take a lift, can change their direction in midair by adjusting the ankles and wrists which has the attached membranes.

Our other Hillsborough NH Wildlife Control Services

Hillsborough NH squirrel removal

Photo credit: Dawn Huczek / Foter / CC BY

Squirrel Removal

Despite their small size and soft furry appearance, squirrels have the strongest grip, as evident on how they pick up acorns and walnuts, and then running into full speed to hide the food in their cache. The claws of squirrels are sturdy, versatile and adept in grabbing food items, climbing trees and digging soil. However, as evident from our squirrel removals in Hillsborough, squirrels don’t limit their activity outdoors and can often find themselves inside households and commercial properties.

Skunk Removal

You can never miss a skunk and can easily identify them as soon as it appears inside your home. Aside from the strong foul odor it always sprays, skunks can be identified with their black and white fur, with spotted or alternating strikes running straight on their back. Majority of the skunks we removed in New Hampshire have black and white fur, though there are skunk species with brown, cream and grey colored fur.

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

There are many causes why bats take refuge and establish new roosts inside a household. One of the reasons bats fly when there’s a rain. Bats do not fly if there’s a heavy downpour since this interferes with their echolocation. If they are in the middle of their flight and rain suddenly came down; bats will usually seek the nearest covered and enclosed structure. Often times, bats will enter through openings in ceilings, roof, attics, upper floor windows and chimneys.

Mole Removal

Despite of their small size, a single mole can cause huge damages in a garden or lawn. As soon as this subterranean animal establishes their territory, they are capable on digging tunnels and pushing up mole hills. A mole is a solitary animal, so even if you see around fifty mole hills in your yard, this has been done by just a single mole. If you need mole removal and prevention in Hillsborough NH, call our number on this page.

Opossum Removal

They can be simply called as possums in some parts of the country; opossums have been one of the most common wildlife removals in New Hampshire. These creatures are sometimes called as ‘white dog’ or ‘white beast’ of their white fur. Opossums though are far from being a domesticated animal like dogs and should be treated as wild and untamed as soon as you see one. Possums are dangerous because of their sharp teeth and should be removed as soon as possible in a household.

Muskrat Removal

Muskrats are members of the same family like other rodents, but not considered as “true rats” like the ones you often see in your house. The muskrats like to roam around in wetlands and other places near bodies of water, and can be seen in most tropics. These creatures have omnivorous diet and adaptable lifestyle, which in most instances lead them into nearby suburbs and residential neighborhoods. If you have muskrats in your home in Hillsborough NH and want them removed.

You can call our number: 603-425-4250

Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs live mostly in lowlands, with lot of soft soil. They use their short, powerful curved limbs that have thick claws. The groundhog does have curved spine, similar to the mole. The animal has shorter tail, not like the other members of the sciurids’ family, around one fourth of its body length. They have two coats, a long banded guard hairs and grey undercoat. We have removed groundhogs in Hillsborough for quite some time and they do appear in private properties with no warning.

Rat Removal

The long tailed rodent rats are the most common and perhaps the most widely distributed among rodent genera families. These species are also called ‘true rats’. Two members, the black rat and the brown rat can be commonly seen everywhere around the world, in houses, restaurants, streets, sewers, ports and even ship carriers. Since these are known vectors of deadly diseases like Leptospirosis and salmonella, consistent and effective proofing is needed to prevent infestation of rats in Hillsborough.

Bird Removal

Feathered and winged vertebrates, birds, can be nuisance in a property or a business if it gets out of hand. It can spread droppings and wastes in an environment, and can really be messy. Birds can also spread diseases and viruses as evident by the spread of the bird flu virus. Removal, control and management need to be done in the correct way to prevent occurrences of bird transmitted diseases.

Get in touch with a local wildlife removal company in Hillsborough as soon as you see wildlife animals and creatures in your home. Wildlife control and management is even more important if you have a business, to maintain safety, orderliness and cleanliness of your property.

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