How to Get Rid of Wildlife Animals from Your Property

Being proactive and observing correct wildlife prevention steps are effective ways to keep wildlife from intruding your property.

But why do the odds of animal invasions are getting higher and more common these days?

Global warming, scarcity of food, and exploited habitats are the top reasons wildlife are leaving their natural habitats and finding their food, water, shelter and all other needs in human properties.


How can you prevent wildlife invasion?

Follow the prevention tips below to keep nuisance animals out of your property and to make it mess and damage-free. However, if you have detected that they have gotten into your attic or under your home, contact a wildlife removal company right away.

1. Leaving pet food outdoors is a certain way to attract critters so keep them out of their sight.

2. Trash bins are another lure for these animals so place lids over them or secure the garbage in your garage.

3. Bird feeders are another attraction for raccoons and squirrels, so take them down at nighttime and clean the scattered feeds underneath.

4. Ensure that your roof space is fortified using pest resistant modification so animals will have a hard time penetrating into it. Your roof and roof space need to have a pest controller treat to stop wild animals and pests from going inside your property.

5. Have your roof checked at least once or twice a year, especially if you are having trouble with wild animals and other critters. You can hire professionals that specialize in checking and repairing roof, shingles, and chimneys.

6. Make sure that porches, patios, decks, windows, and fences are properly maintained. If you’ve noticed holes, cracks, or gaps, call a professional to repair them.

7. Apart from possible holes and openings, wild animals can also get in through the roof of your structure. So trim overhanging tree branches.

8. Prevent them from entering your home through the chimney by using special caps to block it. Don’t forget to inspect the ventilation systems too.

9. You can also set animal traps but it’s a challenging task and not even legal in some states, so better employ experts to do it.


Wild animals do not belong in human properties so establish preventive measures as early as possible. But if you’ve seen that critters have gotten inside your home, contact a wildlife removal company to handle the problem.

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