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“A mole just destroyed my garden, please help me remove the animal from my property!” This was a distress call I once received, immediately asking for a quick response on wildlife control in Londonderry. Other damages caused by wildlife animals that I’ve frequently received include raccoon urine/wastes; furniture gnawed by rodents and clogged exhaust systems caused by squirrel foods. Wildlife animal problems never end. I have received request to expand my service in New Hampshire in the past and I’m excited to bring in the good news: I’m now providing full Londonderry NH wildlife removal service in Londonderry and other nearby towns in Rockingham. Here are the wildlife control services I provide:

* Bat removal and management
* Pond leveling and beaver removal
* Rodent, groundhog, muskrat, mole control
* Rat, opossum, bird proofing and prevention
* Squirrel removal and prevention
* Raccoon removal and trapping
* Wildlife animal body waste clean-up/removal

Photo credit: Gary Lerude / Foter / CC BY-ND

Wildlife in Londonderry

Londonderry has significant area of nature and greens, most of which the town still kept to this day. Known to be “Nutfield”, the old place used to have thick dense of nut trees within the woodlands. Today, Londonderry is affectionately called “Appletown” because of the various apple orchards in the city. The major orchards in town include Elwood Orchards, Mack’s Apples, Woodmont Orchards and Sunnycrest Farms. The main quarters of Stonyfield Farms and Blue Seal Feeds also lies within Londonderry. The constant and continuous farm activities however attract several wild animals and species, moving in and out of the farms. There were also reports of wildlife intrusions in Londonderry facilities, neighborhood and residential areas.

Londonderry NH Wildlife Removal Services

Flying Squirrel Removal in Londonderry NH

Learn something on flying squirrels. The flying squirrels show similar characteristics like their relatives, the tree and ground squirrels. They also have huge prominent round black eyes, which exceptionally help them see clear in the dark. The flying squirrels do have flat long tail. Their fur ranges from brown, cinnamon in the upper part of their body, with colors grey, white and cream in their bottom part.

Beaver Removal in Londonderry NH

Have you found a beaver dam in Londonderry? Beaver is widely known for creating dams for their habitat and shelter, often building it by following the sound of stream or running water. As soon as they hear the flow of water, they follow through with it by building dams made of twigs, mud and tree branches. Experts say the dam building characteristic is a sign of the animal’s high intellect in architecture and structure planning.

Raccoon Removal in Londonderry NH

Here’s a fact on raccoons. The raccoons are known to be an intelligent animal and several studies have proven this. In an experiment in 1908 by H.B.Davis, the raccoon was able to unlock 11 complex locks out of thirteen locks. The raccoon was able to find solutions on how to open the locks in less than ten attempts. The animal was able to repeat solutions to some locks, even if the locks was turned over on its other side and re-arranged. Davis said the raccoons had no trouble understanding locking mechanisms and able to quickly learn the solution to the problem.

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Our other Londonderry Wildlife Control Services

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Did you know about the special reproductive capability of bats? A bat female has the ability to delay fertilization, a unique pregnancy characteristic associated with the mammal. For instance, if the mating happens in fall season, the female bat will only fertilize after winter. Since bats usually hibernate in cold season because there are scarce food supplies (not much insects) in cold temperatures, they basically delay the birth of their young.

Squirrel Removal

We’re often asked in Londonderry on what squirrels eat. Squirrels are known to be fond of seeds, nuts, flower cones and fruit, but some species display some sort of predator characteristic. For a while, some studies see squirrels as an easy prey to larger beasts like fox or bobcats, but there are some squirrels that also hunt down young snakes, chicks, lizards, mice and other small vertebrates.

Mole Removal

If you will look at the mole’s tunnels, you will see that they’re actually ‘storing’ the worms they caught in their burrow traps. The mole usually paralyses the worms with their saliva, believed to have strong poisonous toxins. The mole would then squeeze the worm with their paws, to push out the dirt before putting them in their mouth.

Groundhog Removal

Have you ever wondered about the behaviors of groundhogs? A groundhog when feel threatened will cause the furs in their tail to stand straight up, with the fur looking much like a hairbrush. They would also make various noises such as low groans and barks if they’re afraid. Interestingly, a groundhog will ‘whistle’ instinctively to alert other groundhogs if they sense a predator coming in their direction.

Muskrat Removal

Muskrat Removal in Londonderry NH

Photo credit: mtneer_man / Foter / CC BY-ND

Muskrats sometimes converge in an area, where they cause the clearing of vegetation or plants. They mostly prefer the wetlands as has been shown as the primary reason that determines the vegetation in prairie wetlands, as they remove certain plants thereby changing the number of plants specific to the territory.

Opossum Removal

One of the interesting sexual trait of the opossum which sets them apart from non-marsupial mammals are their bifurcated vaginas (female) and bifurcated penis (male). The opossum also shows sperm pairing which form in a conjugate pair in their epididymis.

Skunk Removal

Have you found a skunk sleeping in your kitchen? Most people in Londonderry ask us if they’re hibernating. The skunks don’t necessarily hibernate in winter as first thought. They do seek other skunks in den for long periods in the cold months to share body heat. The skunks do not feed often during this time and becomes inactive. The number of skunks in a communal den can be around 10-14, huddling together throughout the period.

Rat Removal

There are many reasons why rats need to be controlled, we always tell this to Londonderry home owners. Experts do not recommend rats to have rat infestation, because of the various diseases it may carry. Rats are unclean because of the dirty places it likes to squeeze into and the types of food it scavenges in the wild and in the garbage dumps.

Bird Removal

Here’s some information on birds. Did you know birds have distinct systems which generally compensate them in time of their flight? They do have some sort of gizzard which stores some swallowed stones which they use to grind food because they don’t have teeth and separate crop for the food storage. They digest fast to help them in their constant flight.

There are different combinations of strategies and solutions to control wildlife animals. The reason for this is that every house or establishment is different. The knowledge, experience and planning of a wildlife removal company always come into place and finding a professional that can do the work in a cost-effective manner, will spell the difference to a successful removal and prevention of untamed creatures from the wild. Call us for consultations and questions in our Londonderry NH phone number on this page.

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