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(Please call Meridianville AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 256-722-7100)

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Welcome to Meridianville AL wildlife removal company for all your wildlife management needs on houses, businesses and facilities. Call us if you need to remove bats, opossums, hogs, beavers, mole, squirrel, chipmunks, raccoons and other creatures.

* Raccoon waste and droppings clean up
* Bird control and cleaning of poop
* Removing squirrels and proofing
* Bat exclusion and control in business

Wildlife in Meridianville AL

Meridianville AL wildlife removal raccoon bat squirrel armadillo beaver skunk fox rat mice mole bird snake wolfMeridianville is part of Madison County and included in Huntsville Decatur State Area. It has as much 15.5 square miles of land (around 99.9% of land), with only 0.1 square miles of water (0.1%). It is near the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, which has caused several wildlife animal intrusions in the city. Some of the frequent calls we received in Meridianville are for raccoons, armadillo, bats, squirrel, skunk and rodents.

Meridianville AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Meridianville AL

Raccoons have soft, nimble and adept paws. Looking closely, they have human-like hands which they skillfully use in climbing and descending trees, house walls or posts. They use their paws to pick fruits, eggs and small animals. They have very sharp claws which they use to defend themselves when attacked by another animal or when provoked in their habitat. The raccoons leave a unique ‘handprint’ from their paws and this can be seen closely from the items they hold. If you problems with raccoons, call our number.

Bat Removal in Meridianville AL

An interesting fact about bats is on how they fly during the night. They do not actually depend on their eyesight (but they are not blind contrary to some myths). The bats basically uses ‘echolocation’, the use of soundwaves which bounces into objects helping them navigate their way in the dark (even if they have a poor eyesight). Echolocation is their most notable trait and this is quite similar on how submarines navigate in the dark deep waters of the ocean. For bat exclusion, don’t hesitate to give us a call in Meridianville.

Our other Meridianville AL Wildlife Control Services

For other removal services of wildlife like vole, beaver, snake, bobcat, muskrat, rat, mice, woodchuck, hogs, opossum removal, groundhog, skunk, mole, chipmunk, armadillo, bird, flying squirrel, gopher, fox and coyote, just contact us for inquiries.

In other places in Meridianville Alabama, call for availability of service in Hazel Green, Moores Mill, Madison (in Limestone County), Triana, Moontown, Madison County, Toney, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Decatur (southwest), Gurley, Big Cove, Chase, Maysville and Ryland.

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It takes specialized skill in removal and prevention of wildlife critters. Call us for a specialist!

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