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Photo credit: philozopher / Foter / CC BY-SA

Wildlife in Oxford Alabama

Oxford has part in Talladega County and Calhoun County. Known as the Crossroads of the Future, it is largely made up of land at 30.7 square miles or 99% land area. Water can be seen at 0.3 square miles (1%). Oxford Alabama has an abundant natural landscape as it is within the range of Cheaha Mountain and Blue Ridge Mountain. Several bodies of water near its border include Choccolocco Creek, Oxford Lake, Snows Creek and Lake Hillabee. At the south of Oxford, it shares border of the Talladega National Forest. Wilderness and wildlife can be seen surrounding Oxford AL.

Oxford AL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Oxford AL

Fox squirrel, have you seen one of them? These Alabama squirrels mostly live in trees. They also like the view on the tree tops, where they stay on the top of hardwood to rest or sometimes they go there so they can just have a great view of the forest. Another species, the flying squirrels can also be found jumping or gliding from oak trees, hardwood and hickory near houses in Oxford Alabama.

Bat Removal in Oxford AL

The Myotis austroriparius is a species of Alabama bats. These bats often form roost in caves. However, there are instances they build their roost in other places such as hollow trees, mines and culverts. Sometimes, the bats can also be found in houses, farms and buildings in Oxford AL. Prevention is the best method against bats to prevent them from repeatedly entering homes.

Raccoon Removal in Oxford AL

These days, raccoons can be seen not just in the jungle. This wild animal is fairly adaptable and would have no trouble living in cities. Some raccoons in Alabama can be seen in farms and agricultural lands, living on plants, leaves and vegetables. If you’ve seen raccoons in urban areas in Oxford AL, don’t be surprised. They can also eat thrown away food from diners and restaurants. You would need a raccoon trapper to help you remove the animal.

Our other Oxford AL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Oxford AL

Beaver Removal in Oxford AL

Photo credit: finchlake2000 / Foter / CC BY

The scientifically termed Castor Canadensis is the wild animal beaver. It has a unique behavior when they build their house. Most often they will follow the sound of water streams. In Alabama, when the beaver found a good spot in the water, they will start building their dam. This dam is made up of mud, rocks and barks. You can also see some branches and twigs of trees. Stopping beaver on their tracks is the best prevention, you ask our beaver specialist in Oxford Alabama.

Skunk Removal in Oxford AL

Skunks are abundant and equally distributed all throughout the country. In Alabama, skunks would mostly roam in pastures, farms, fields and grass. The striped skunk is a common species in rural and even in urban areas in Oxford AL. You can even see the skunks near railroads. Skunks will also enter houses and stores if they get the chance.

Armadillo Removal in Oxford AL

The absence or relative lack of population of armadillos in the north of the United States can be attributed to the inability of the animal to survive winter. Since northern states have extreme frigid temperatures, this prevents the armadillos from survival. Most of the armadillos in the north are probably transported by people on their cars. Most likely, the armadillos wouldn’t live for long when temperatures drop below zero in north states. In Oxford Alabama, armadillos live in significant numbers because of the humid tropical temperature.

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