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The city is mostly made of land at 24.6 square miles or 90% land. Water can be seen at 2.6 square miles or 10% water. Pell City is near Atlanta Georgia and Birmingham Alabama. It has the Logan Martin Lake. The city has interspersing areas of wood lots, grasslands and trees from nearby forests in Alabama. This makes the area a natural refuge for different wildlife animals.

Pell City AL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Pell City AL

The eastern gray squirrels are a common species of the squirrels. They can be found in wood areas and on places with young trees. These Alabama squirrels weigh just one pound (a quarter pound, more or less). They’re not that big. Their fur usually ranges from light gray to dark gray. There are shades of black, white and brown on the fur. As furry the squirrels are, they are untamed and virulent, so you need to remove them from your property in Pell City.

Bat Removal in Pell City AL

A certain species of bats are the Pipistrellus subfalus which build separate colonies for male and female bats. In spring, the female bats go in separate ways from male bats. The female bats in Alabama would form colonies, often made up of 40-70 female bats. They often build the nursery in cliffs and caves. The male bats go separately in other areas. Both sexes of bats join again in fall and winter. In some cases, these bats form clusters in ceilings of Pell City residential areas.

Raccoon Removal in Pell City AL

The Alabama raccoon likes to search for food in areas near water. They have flexible diet and can eat clams, fish, frogs and snails. They can also go for plants if they can’t find aquatic animals. They can also eat water lilies, turnips and lettuce. The raccoons are omnivores and can also eat food you’ve thrown away. In Pell City, there are urbanized raccoons searching for food in backyards or alleys.

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Beaver Removal in Pell City AL

The wildlife furry animal beaver have nifty skills in architecture. They can combine nature materials like rocks, wood, mud and tree barks to create their lodge. The brown haired creature can carefully use these materials to create a dome, where they can use as their shelter in time for the coming winter. Pell City residents complain to beaver specialists of this dome built by beavers because it causes stagnant water.

Skunk Removal in Pell City AL

Skunk Removal in Pell City AL

Photo credit: julierohloff / Foter / CC BY-SA

Skunks may be nice to touch because of their silky black and soft smooth fur. However, can be carriers of viruses and diseases. Some of the illnesses that can be carried by skunks can be transmitted through the animal’s saliva, urine and droppings. Skunks inside a property in Pell City are not sanitary and you should remove it immediately.

Armadillo Removal in Pell City AL

Armadillos have certain preference in their habitat. When they dig soil, they prefer grassy, shrubs or plant covered ground. Most of the time, the armadillos would stay on habitats with dense vegetation. The armadillos can also stay on vegetable gardens, which become a problem to Pell City homeowners.

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