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(Please call St.Clair County IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-235-0587)

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For St.Clair County IL wildlife removal in cities and towns in St.Clair County Illinois, please call our number for all your wildlife control needs. We provide various animal removal and preventive procedures for businesses, households, facilities and building structures.

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Wildlife in St. Clair Illinois

The county is roughly made up of 2.4% or 16 square miles water and 658 square miles of land or 97.6% land. The county has been well known to have big population of the industrialized community. The south and east part of St. Clair has large areas of soybean fields and corn fields, which has regularly attracted wildlife and untamed creatures.

St. Clair County IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in St. Clair County IL

Some people often feed raccoons they see in open park thinking the animal is not violent. However, this is not recommended. Not all raccoons are tamed. By nature, they are indigenous to the wild. Their instinct is to find prey and fight as well when threatened by predators. There are cases of rabid raccoons attacking people in some states.

Squirrel Removal in St. Clair County IL

In St.Clair County IL, there are different squirrels that can be seen like the flying squirrels and the grey squirrel. The squirrels can have similar features and would share similar traits, but they belong to different squirrel species. We can help you remove and prevent squirrels, just call us.

Bat Removal in St. Clair County IL

An interesting fact on Illinois bats are their feeding habits. The species of bats that can mostly be seen in St.Clair Count are the insect eating microbats. These bats consume insects like mosquitoes, bugs, flies, grasshoppers and spiders. Bats are referred as a natural ‘insect-killer’, but the trade off is that they carry and mutate diseases in their bodies. You have to remove bats as soon as possible.

Other St.Clair County IL Wildlife Control Services

Skunk Removal in St. Clair County IL

Skunk Removal in St.Clair County Illinois

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For the skunks we’ve encountered in St.Louis County, they’re in average size, around the same size of middle size Illinois domestic cats. Male skunks are on the heavy side, approximately 2.9 to 11.8 pounds. Female skunks are lighter around 2.7 pounds to 8.7 pounds. You can contact our technician for removal of skunks.

Beaver Removal in St. Clair County IL

The removal of a beaver needs to always be prioritized as soon as the dam is destroyed. After that, the beaver needs to be captured and relocated elsewhere, far from community. This prevents the beaver from rebuilding their lodge. We can help you with this procedure on beaver prevention, just call our number.

Wildlife Control in Nearby Areas

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Removal of animals does not call of harm to the creature. Call us for humane removal.

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