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(Please call Sylacauga AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 256-245-4334)

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Get cost-effective solutions on problems brought by indigenous animals like raccoon, fox, mole, squirrel, bat – from a Sylacauga AL wildlife removal professional by calling our number. We also handle different types of exclusion and prevention methods on different wild creatures.

* Remove raccoon in a room
* Clean wildlife wastes and droppings
* Bat exclusion removal
* Skunk trapper and expert
* Good wildlife company in Sylacauga

Wildlife in Sylacauga Alabama

The city has earned several nicknames that include Sly Town, Alabama’s Best Secret, as well as Buzzard’s Roost. The area is known to have a big marble industry and sometimes called Marble City. The place has been part of a top list from Promise Alliance for Best Communities for Young People. Sylacauga has majority of land area at 19.5 square miles, with only 2 square miles of water. The natural attractions of the city include Noble Park, Lake Howard, Sylaward Trail, Sylacauga Country Club and Talladega National Forest. Wild animals have been seen roaming Sylacauga, and at times animals have shown rabid behaviors.

Sylacauga AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Sylacauga AL

Some raccoons may show rabid behaviors. This can happen if the raccoon may have felt threatened by a bigger animal predator or they are too hungry. If it found its way inside your house, just call a raccoon specialist to remove the mammal.

Squirrel Removal in Sylacauga Alabama

Gray squirrels are one of the most common species you can see in Alabama, particularly in Sylacauga. These types of squirrels like to go on trees such as hickory and pines. They also like hardwood trees. Most of the time, after a day’s activity of food gathering, the gray squirrels can be seen hanging around the tree tops. Gray squirrels can also enter houses.

Bat Removal in Sylacauga Al

Sylacauga has their share of problems brought by bats. Bats often drop wastes called guano, that if left unclean for a long period will turn into fungus. This fungus can cause sickness to people, if it will be inhaled. Removal of bats and cleaning of the wastes is always advised.

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Our other Sylacauga AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Sylacauga AL

The armadillos in Sylacauga have average size bodies. They have slender and elongated head, with long ears, almost half of the length of their body. They don’t have long legs. Their short legs do not make them as quick in their movement and depend only in calculated walks. Armadillos can be nuisance to orchards.

Skunk Removal in Sylacauga Alabama

The skunks we’ve handled in Sylacauga have black fur, with prominent white fur seen as thin lines or spots on their back, shoulders and sides. The black glossy hair covers most of their whole body. If you like to remove skunks, just call us.

Beaver Removal in Sylacauga Al

In Alabama, one of the major animal problems has been the lodges built by beavers. Even if you would successfully stop the initial creation of a beaver dam (either by destroying or flattening the dome), there’s a great chance a new dam will be created. You can consult us on how to stop beavers.

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Wildlife animals inside a property are not beneficial. They can even cause illness. Get help to remove them.

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