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Welcome to Eufaula AL wildlife removal for your wildlife control assistance for Alabama native squirrels, raccoons, mice, beaver, armadillo and bats. We also remove animals like skunk, fox, mole and other digging creatures. If you need help identifying and removing an unknown critter, kindly give us a call.

* Remove bad odor of skunk
* Critter trapping in Eufaula
* Beaver control and prevention
* Specialist on wild animals
* Burrowing animal proofing Alabama

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Wildlife in Eufaula Alabama

Located in Barbour County in Alabama, Eufaula has a very rich history that can be traced into the Creek Indian Tribes in 1800. Its name was derived from one of the three tribes, the Eufaula. The city has a diverse geography, with around 73.5 square miles of land or 81% land. The place has significant bodies of water which can be seen at 19.1% or 14.1 square miles of water. The city has a humid subtropical climate, which regularly attracts wildlife animals and critters from the surrounding forests and conservation areas in Alabama.

Eufaula AL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Eufaula Al

In Eufaula, the Alabama squirrels we’ve removed include the tree dwelling squirrels. These squirrels mostly have lengthy furry tail and big ears. Contrary to belief, they do not hibernate. The squirrels just become inactive in winter and stay in their place with all the food they’ve gathered throughout the summer.

Bat Removal in Eufaula Alabama

The Alabama bats seen often in Eufaula have membrane wings connecting the body to the legs and to the forelimbs. In a way, the wings of bats extend like the four fingers of our hands. They have the thumb claw, which help them cling into cave or ceiling surfaces, so they can hang loosely.

Raccoon Removal in Eufaula AL

Raccoons in Eufaula Al walk in plantigrade. They have the broad feet and when they step, they usually use the whole surface under the feet. Their feet have five toes, with sturdy tough claws. The Eufaula raccoons walk similar to that of a bear.

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Our other Eufaula AL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Eufaula Al

Alabama beavers have similar physical traits with beavers native to North American states. The first thing you will notice are their stocky built on their body. This is covered with thick brown hair, with light colored brown seen on the Eufaula beaver’s chest. In their hind feet, towards their tail, the fur turns into dark brown or sometimes black short hair.

Skunk Removal in Eufaula Alabama

For skunks found in Eufaula, the awful and bad musk it sprays has been the main problem for Alabama residents. The scent is actually thick, yellow oil, stored in the glands of the Eufaula skunk’s tail. The liquid is called butylmercaptan and can be smelled as far as 2 miles away. This makes the skunk scent extremely hard to remove in a house.

Armadillo Removal in Eufaula AL

The usual conflict that comes up when armadillos come into contact with properties in Eufaula is their burrowing and digging behaviors. Alabama armadillos hunt for their food in establishments as well as apartments. Most of the time, the Eufaula armadillo look for grubs, larvae and worms on the soil.

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Wildlife animal problems need to be solved at their first signs. Don’t wait for some untoward incidents like property damage or injury to people before you will make it a priority. Call one of our representatives for questions on prevention and control of wildlife in Eufaula Alabama.

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