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(Please call Highland IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-654-2131)

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Do you need to hire Highland IL wildlife removal in Madison County? Just call our staff in Illinois. We remove beaver, raccoon, mice, and other rodents. We provide assistance for household and business owners. The most frequent phone inquiries we have from residents include:

* Require professional wildlife pro
* Beaver removal in Highland
* Bat removal in Madison Illinois
* How to prevent mice entry
* Animal control specialist

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This small city in Madison County has an abundant history from Swiss settlers in the first part of 19th century. Highland IL later got its name from German immigrants which followed and later settled in the area. The first name was ‘Helvetia’ which was given by the Swiss and German founders. The area is made up 6.5 square miles of land and 1 square miles of water. Recently we’ve received reports of wildlife animal intrusions and nuisance creature problems in business establishments and households.

Highland IL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Highland IL

Highland Illinois residents’ usual problems on wildlife animals can be traced on how the tree squirrels jump into open windows of second floors and attic rooms. There are even instances where squirrels enter through unused chimneys.

Bat Removal in Highland IL

Bat Removal in Highland Illinois

Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

Illinois bats, according to studies, number to around 12 species in the state. Most species are small and not that big, weighing around 1 ounce (or even less). The bats do have fur, though not as thick as other flying creatures. This makes them vulnerable to cold temperatures. In winter, Highland IL bats need to hibernate to survive the frigid environment. Don’t be surprised if you discover bats in your house in the cold season.

Raccoon Removal in Highland IL

The raccoon we’ve handled in Highland share similar traits with the Native American raccoon all over the other states. The animal can easily be identified with the black short hair that’s shaped like a mask in their face. This is an identifiable trait of the Illinois raccoon and almost (if not all) have a black face mask.

Other Highland IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Highland IL

In Highland, the beavers you’ll see are Illinois beavers. The animal’s species appear heavier and stocky, as they have a bulked up appearance. The beaver can weigh as much as ninety pounds, with lighter beaver species weighing at only forty pounds.

Skunk Removal in Highland IL

The skunks bring problems in many ways than usual and this can give owners of businesses and houses in Highland IL many sleepless nights. Skunks like to dig a lot, which gives problems to garden owners. If an Illinois skunk found its way inside a house, there’s a probability it will discharge a terrible scent that’s fairly hard to remove.

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