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(Please call Alachua County FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 352-264-6870)

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We provide ethical, safe and cost-effective Alachua County FL wildlife removal on raccoons, armadillo, bats, skunk, squirrel and other wildlife animals in Alachua County. Some of the common inquiries we receive are the following:

* Remove an armadillo in Alachua
* Squirrel entry prevention and proofing
* Get rid of skunk smell at home
* Prevent entry of bats
* Phone number of local Alachua animal control

Wildlife in Alachua County FL

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Alachua County has a big land area around 875 square miles or 90.3% miles of land. The water that can be found is at 9.7% or 94 square miles. The county has Gainesville City as its county seat, with population reaching 247,000. Wildlife never sleeps in Alachua County and its communities, as we have been serving in the county, providing wildlife management and removal of Florida wild animals in years.

Alachua County FL Wildlife Removal Services

Armadillo Removal in Alachua County FL

The armadillo animal is actually not indigenous to Florida, but it is known to be abundant in numbers. There are many intrusions of armadillo in communities and neighborhood in Alachua County. This is understandable, since the surrounding area has a lot of grass, bush and woods, which armadillo likes to roam around. If you need an armadillo removal in Alachua Florida, just give us a call.

Squirrel Removal in Alachua County FL

There are many different types of squirrel species that can be found in Florida. In Alachua County, in our visits to some houses and estates, squirrel intrusions of fox squirrels and eastern grey squirrels are common. There also cases of intrusions from flying squirrels, which brings a lot of headache to owners.

Skunk Removal in Alachua County FL

Most people only know about the black with white stripe species of skunk. However, there are actually other types. In Florida, the striped skunk and spotted skunk is common. We have removed a couple of these skunks in several establishments and houses.

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Raccoon Removal in Alachua County FL

Raccoons never dwindle in number and this can be said in Florida. Since raccoons are omnivorous, this made them able to survive and adapt quickly to different environments, even in urban and city surroundings. It is difficult to deal with raccoon and we recommend preventive methods as much as possible.

Bat Removal in Alachua County FL

There is an estimated thirteen types of species of bats that can be found in Florida. Some of these bats can be found on a seasonal basis, while others stay all year. They often form colonies in roosts in caves and tree hollows, though they can also seek refuge in buildings or apartments.

We provide wildlife control and animal removal on areas in Alachua County like Gainesville City, Archer Town, Hawthorne City, Alachua City, High Springs City, Micanopy Town, La Crosse Town, Newberry City, Cross Creek, Waldo City, Haile, Campville, Fairbanks, Evinston, Grove Park, Hague, Haile, Plantation, Melrose, partly in Bradford, Island Grove, Jonesville, Clay, Putnam counties, Wichita Glade, Windsor, Rochelle and Santa Fe.

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We provide wildlife control in Alachua County and its surrounding communities. Please call our number for confirmation of service availability.

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