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Lake City is located at Columbia County, Florida and is considered to be the governmental center of the county. The city’s population is 12,046 according to the census of 2010. It is Lake City Metropolitan Statistical Area’s main city, which consists of Columbia County. The county itself has a total population of 67,531 based on the aforementioned census. Many people from this county require the help of Lake City FL wildlife removal services whenever nuisance animals, like rodents, are destroying their property.

Lake City FL wildlife removal

Lake City celebrated its 150th anniversary last 2009. The city’s location is in Northern Florida specifically 30°11′N 82°38′W or 30.1896, -82.6397. Lake City FL wildlife removal experts offer their services all around the state.  United States Census Bureau stated that the city comprises 3.20% water or 0.39 square miles (1.0 km2) and around 12.4 square miles (31.1 km2) of land.

The intersections of Interstate 75 and Interstate 10 is located nearby the city. The following cities are also nearby: Valdosta, Georgia is at 62(100 km) miles North West, Gainesville is located 46 miles (74 km) south, Jacksonville is at 60 miles (97 km) east, and Tallahassee is located 106 miles (171 km) west.

Lake City FL Wildlife Removal Services

Lake City FL Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are small, furry mammals that are quite common across the state and mostly found in places with lots of trees where they can hide. They can eat just about anything because they are omnivorous, like humans. Plants, fruits, eggs, garbage, and tiny animals are what they usually eat. They can be quite troublesome when they start living in your property. Only qualified persons should handle these creatures as their bites can cause rabies infections. Lake City FL raccoon removal companies are licensed and certified to exclude these animals from your property.

Lake City FL Beaver Removal

Beavers are large rodents and are quite known for their skills in building dams in ponds. Their body is covered in brown, shiny fur. They have strong front teeth which are orange-yellow in color and they use these teeth for cutting down trees. Despite having large muscular bodies, they are known to be good swimmers. They often live in swamps, lakes, or streams where they build dams out of wood. Since the entrances to the dams are underwater, the animal is safe from carnivorous predators. They can cause problems when they start feeding on decorative trees and crops like corn and sorghum. This, however, can be a problem for many people especially farmers and gardeners.  We offer Lake City FL beaver removal services in case you need to get rid of these little creatures. Beavers are often found from North Florida to as far south as the Suwannee River’s mouth.

Lake City FL Flying Squirrel Removal

Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures, and they are the only nocturnal type amongst all the various squirrel species found in North America. Despite their name, flying squirrels don’t actually fly, instead, they glide from tree to tree. They have several distinct characteristics: flying squirrels have large eyes that appear to glow red when hit by beams light. Flying squirrels have high-pitched squeals. They often live in nest boxes, birdhouses, and even dark attics. They can be quite destructive as they often tend to chew on stuff like wood and wirings which can be troublesome, which is why our company offers Lake City FL flying squirrel removal services.

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Lake City FL Skunk Removal

Striped skunks (scientific name: Mephitis mephitis) and the Eastern spotted skunk (scientific name: Spilogale putorius) are often found living in weedy pastures, fields with lots of brushwood, disturbed areas, and even suburban and residential areas. The two species can be found all across Florida, excluding the Keys. Aside from teaching their offspring how to scavenge for food, they also teach them how to use their defense mechanisms. The skunk is known for their powerful and acrid spray of oil. There are glands near the skunk’s anus that releases the spray whenever it is threatened, and can spray up to 15 feet away. Lake City FL skunk removal professionals are experts when it comes to handling and excluding skunks from your property. The skunk’s main predators are great horned owls, but they can also be attacked by bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and even domestic dogs.

Lake City FL Bat Removal

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

Lake City FL Bat Removal

Bats are the only type of mammals that can truly fly, these creatures are found all across Florida. Bats can live in various kinds of habitat such as hardwood forests near river banks, dry upland pine forests, and just about any habitat in between. Bats rarely pose any threat to humans. In fact only one in a few hundred of bats has rabies amongst the several bat populations in Florida. However many people still fear them, which had caused the mass decline of bat populations. However, bats are sometimes known to cause a respiratory sickness called Histoplasmosis. This illness is caused by fungus that is present in soils that are teeming with feces if bats or birds. These soils are often found in caves where bats usually live. If you are bothered by bats, the experts from Lake City FL bat removal companies will gladly help you.

Lake City FL Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs belong to the group of ground squirrels. They can be a nuisance since they are quite territorial. They are also known to fight their own kind, in order to show dominance. Farmers and gardeners often request exterminators to get rid of them as they have the tendency to feed on crops. These animals also like to dig, which can seriously damage foundations and man-made ponds used for farming. Because of how destructive these animals are, removing them is very important. However, since they can be territorial, only trained professionals should handle these animals. Professionals from Lake City FL groundhog removal companies are trained to safely handle and remove groundhogs that can destroy your property.

Lake City FL Armadillo Removal

Photo credit: LOLren / Foter / CC BY

Lake City FL Armadillo Removal

An armadillo is a mammal whose body is covered in bony shells which it uses as armor. These animals can be found across Florida; however they did not originally come from the state. To protect themselves, they often dig the ground to create their underground shelters. These burrows often have several entrances connected by tunnels. This is the reason why they are mostly found in areas that have loose, soft soil. This can cause problems for people who own lawns or flowerbeds. Lake City FL armadillo removal experts can safely exclude armadillos from your property. Many gardeners limit watering and fertilization in order to minimize the damage done by the armadillos.

Lake City FL Bird Removal

Various species of birds may become a nuisance to people around spring. In Florida, this is the time when the birds begin nesting. Nongame birds that migrate in the state can cause serious problems on local wildlife, crops, trees, and live stocks especially when the birds come in large numbers. When this happens, a legal permit is needed in order to take the birds away. However, birds are a little bit more difficult to control compared to other nuisance animals like mammals. In case you are hassled by these birds, Lake City FL bird removal professionals can help you exclude them from your property.

Lake City FL Opossum Removal

Photo credit: rpscott123 / Foter / CC BY-ND

Lake City FL Opossum Removal

An opossum is a marsupial that resembles a rat. They are scavengers who will usually eat any type of food. They often raid garbage cans, pet food containers, and various fruits and vegetables. This makes them a nuisance especially to those who grow their own crops. Since they are animals who are attracted to any kind of food, people must ensure all garbage cans are tightly closed, and any leftover pet food is taken inside or discarded properly. It is good to seek help from Lake City FL opossum removal experts whenever opossums are found scavenging inside you house or property.


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