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"PutnamCCourtPalatka" by Excel23. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

“PutnamCCourtPalatka” by Excel23. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Putnam County

Putnam County is comprised of 99.1 square miles of water (12%) and 728 square miles of land (88%). The county is near some of Florida’s major cities like Gainesville, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Officially established in 1849, it has parts and areas which initially belong to other communities like Alachua, Duval, Marion, Orange and St. Johns. The name of the place is in honor of soldier, lawyer, legislator and Historic Society of Florida president Benjamin Putnam. Putnam County has an extensive policy for Ecotourism and puts emphasis on the development and maintenance of parks, nature preserve and hiking trails. Some of these centers and facilities are Ocala National Forest (the second largest in Florida), Welaka State Forest and Etoniah Creek State Forest.

Putnam County FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Putnam County FL

You see squirrels run, jump and play around on the ground and trees. Did you know squirrels can jump as high as eight to ten feet? If there’s an open window or damaged wall in your house, whether it’s the ground floor or upper floor, you will most likely see squirrels make some big jumps until they would be able to enter your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a building, an apartment or a house, some modifications in the surroundings, like cutting trees and sealing access points may be necessary.

Raccoon removal in Putnam County FL

A raccoon living in rural areas usually have a smaller distance which they can claim as their territory. The reason could be that raccoons can easily get water and food in communities, neighborhoods and households. The rural raccoon can also easily find a good shelter. For raccoons in forests and in the wild, they have bugger home ranges. The male raccoon in particular have a larger home range since food and water can be far.

Honey bees removal in Putnam County Florida

A part of the Aping tribe from the genus of Apis, the honey bees have around 7 known major species. However, there are more than 44 known sub species of honey bees. These bees have main traits of setting up honey storage as well as creating their home colony, which is made of wax.

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River rat removal in Putnam County

This animal is also known as nutria, this type of rat can be seen mostly in bodies of water like river. This is a plant eating, bigger semi-aquatic rodent from the family of Myocastoridae. The origin of this animal is from temperate climates in South America. In the past few years, the species has been seen in wetland regions in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. These creatures are destructive eaters and diggers. The nutria is considered as an invasive species and pest in communities.

Deer removal in Putnam County

A deer usually live in natural habitats like tropical rainforests, jungle and areas near river banks. A deer can be adaptable and transition in their home range from thickets, forests, savanna and prairie. They can also be seen in mixed coniferous areas and deciduous forests with seasonal temperature of tropical and dry climate. Deer can be seen in the mentioned habitats all over the world.

We also provide dead animal removal, home restoration, bad odor removal, attic cleaning, bees removal, decontamination, house repair, animal droppings removal, mole animal removal, remove old insulation, crawlspace clean-up, deer removal and sanitation.

You may also call us in Putnam County to remove squirrel, bat, armadillo removal, raccoon, coyote, rodent control, opossum, fox, snake, bees, hogs, deer, mole, river rats, nutria, honey bees.

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Putnam County FL wildlife removal
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