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(Please call Lancaster TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-218-2700)

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If you need Lancaster TX wildlife removal for your business, agency or facility, just contact our operators. We also provide wildlife control on buildings, apartments, houses and estates. Nuisance animals are hard to handle. It can bite back, scratch you with their sharp claws or worse, transmit diseases from their saliva or venom. Don’t take the risk on handling untamed animals if you don’t have the experience. Let professionals do the work to save you resources and time. You can call our staff for an appointment or for inquiries.

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Photo credit: "LancasterTX TownSq" by Acntx at en.wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “LancasterTX TownSq” by Acntx at en.wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Lancaster

Lancaster TX is made up of majority of land at 30.2 square miles, with 0.07 square miles of water. It is part of the area called ‘Best Southwest’ along with Desoto, Cedar Hill and Duncanville. The city is one of the first settlement frontiers in Dallas County. Located in the Blackland Prairie in Texas, most of the area is used for farming. Up to this day, there are still a lot of tree cover and shades such as oak trees, cedar alms and pecan trees. Lancaster has more than 600 acres of park land. Several areas of interest for visitors and locals are Contemplation Lake, Lancaster City Park, Dewberry Park, Ten Mile Creek Preserve and Bear Creek Nature Preserve. A popular hiking and walking trail in the city is the Pleasant Run Hike and Bike Trail. A Bermuda grass fairway can be seen in the 6,460 yard Country View Golf Course.

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Bat removal in Lancaster

Bats can commonly be seen in Texas, more it is one of the common nuisance animals we remove in houses. In Lancaster, we removed several colonies of bats in homes, apartments, establishments and building structures. Bats can form their roosts in Lancaster in hard to see places such as chimneys, ceiling, roof and attics. Sometimes only after a couple of days or weeks, sometimes months, can bats be detected roosting in an area. This commonly happen in busy places like hotels, and restaurants. In households, bats can be undetected if general cleaning are not done regularly.

Snake removal in Lancaster Texas

One of the earliest studies on snakes claim the creature evolved from the early lizards. This can be attributed to the primitive group of New World snakes like the boas and pythons which have vestigial hind limbs, microscopic digit claws known to be sort of anal spurs which help the snake when they engage with a mate. For other types of modern snakes, the front limbs don’t exist or can’t be found which can be attributed to the limb controller morphogenesis, which evolved from the Hox genetics of the species.

Rat removal in Lancaster TX

The fatal ‘foot and mouth disease’ or FMD which infects mostly children under ten years old is said to have or carried by rats. It is a zoonotic parasite or pathogen which can be transmitted by rodents such as rats and mice. Almost all species of rodents have been regarded as prime disease vectors. In history, rats are treated as pestilence by farmers, ship workers and city dwellers. The CDC always advise the public to clean away or make sure rats and mice does not infest in a household or building establishment. You should ask a rat specialist from a wildlife company to remove rodents and mice. You can get in touch with us in Lancaster for this procedure.

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Possum removal

A trait by the possums mostly found in Texas, particularly in Lancaster, is the animal’s omnivore diet. It will be able to survive in subsistence of meat as well as plants. There are several species however which have special diets like the group of Caluromyinae possums which prefer to consume fruits. Other families like the Patagonian possum like animal meat as their prime food source. The general species of the possum can be adaptable to their food source taking into consideration the environment and the climate.

Armadillo removal

The general species of Armadillos found in Lancaster have flexible diet, but mainly focuses on insects (found in the ground) and small young animals. The armadillo have no definite way in hunting food and can sometimes become sluggish in their search for food source. Most of the time it will poke its long snout in the soil, and if it smells ants or termites, it will frantically consume the grub in panic pace. The armadillos can also do this in eggs and young birds in nests.

We provide exclusion for other wildlife animals like birds, beaver, raccoon, snakes, skunk, bats, bobcat, armadillo, possum, rats, squirrel. For other full wildlife company work, we have home repair, seal animal entry, dead animal retrieval, and clean animal droppings, sanitation.

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