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(Please call Bedford TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 817-952-2440)

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In need of Bedford TX wildlife removal for your facility, apartment, house or building, send us a message right now. Avoid the mistake of other home owners which put off a wildlife animal problem. A lot of complications may arise from disregarded critter intrusions. Chewed furniture, knocked down vase or a gnawed electrical wire – just some of the things wild animals can bring. Let one of our experts handle these dangerous wildlife animals, call us today.

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Bedford TXWildlife in Bedford

Bedford is made up of mostly land at 10 square miles with only 0.1% water. The city made up Hurst Euless Bedford Independent School District and known to one of the ‘mid cities’ between Fort Worth and Dallas. Brown Mackie College and St. Vincent’s Cathedral School are some of the educational institutions in the city. Bedford has several nature parks and trails within (and nearby) the city, namely the 68 acre Boys Ranch Park, Brook Hollow Park, Monterey Park, Central Park, Stormie Jones Park and the 32 acre Easter End Trail Park. The Meadow Park Athletic Complex is an 11 acre open field with lots of grass and greens. On the other hand Carousel Park is a 1 acre park with a lot of shades of trees and grass for picnic and playground.

Bedford TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Bedford Texas

Squirrels like nuts and seeds, but did you know they can also be drawn to bird feeders. There has to be something about the taste of the food item on the feeder, but we’ve heard a lot of complaints on how squirrels quickly run into feeders even beating the birds to the food. In Bedford Texas, squirrels that attack bird feeders have become a problem for a lot of residents. Fortunately something can be done to prevent the entry of squirrels in a property or home. Just call our number for details.

Beaver removal in Bedford TX

The main dam of a beaver has a certain distance from the dam of another beaver. This home range can be from 1/2 mile – 1 mile. This is the beaver’s instinctive territorial boundary from their other species. Bedford communities have experiences on the problems brought by beavers. We can help. Call our number today and we’ll connect you with a Texas beaver removal expert.

Skunk removal in Bedford Texas

The skunks have many options in food. They can consume voles, grasshoppers, squirrels, bees, birds, beetles, eggs, mice and young small rabbits. If they can find any animal, they may elect for cherries, corn, carrion and nightshades. Skunks commonly seen in Bedford are the striped species. It has so far been a despised animal by a lot of residents because of its terribly smelling spray musk.

You can call our hotline at 214-606-1987

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Armadillo removal in Bedford Texas

Armadillos have so far been observed to have expanded their range in the east coast, also moving north. With no known predators of armadillo and with their good healthy reproduction, they were known to be able to spread their distribution in farther areas than the usual south near Texas, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. In Bedford TX, as in most areas in Dallas, armadillos cause anxiety and fear notably to kids. Armadillos have a scaly and terrifying physical appearance which some children find to be frightening. If you need someone to remove an armadillo, don’t just ask a house member or an employee. Even so, don’t remove armadillos yourself. Just call an armadillo removal specialist.

Bird removal in Bedford TX

Birds can be seen in almost every part of the world. Some people find no harm in having birds in their garden. This can be the case for small birds and small species. However, not all birds are harmless. Some wild birds and bigger species can leave damages, which home owners only hope they could have prevented. In Texas, some residents seek bird control from wildlife companies to make sure they will limit birds (or prevent the birds) from the vicinity. In Bedford, we provide bird removal and management; just call our number if you need to get in touch with a bird specialist.

We also provide wildlife control and wildlife management of squirrel, opossum, snakes, bobcat, rats, birds, raccoons, skunk, armadillo, beaver, bats and other animals. In addition, we also  clean animal wastes, provide sanitation and remove animal carcass, just let us know. Also, we have wildlife company services for home restoration and repair on animal damages. We also provide sealing of access points, house proofing and prevention.

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