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(Please call Princeton TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-736-3901)

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For your Princeton TX wildlife removal requirements for your shops, home and business in Princeton Texas, just call our hotline number on the page. We have specialists on dangerous wildlife creatures that frequently roam the nearby wildlife preservation and urban edges of nearby Dallas suburbs and communities. We can handle skunks, bats, squirrels, bobcats, snakes, possums and more. If you can’t identify the creature trapped in your house and you want it removed, just call us.

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Princeton TXWildlife in Princeton TX

Princeton Texas is comprised of mostly land at 7.4 square miles land, with only 0.04 square miles water. It is located in Collin County, and near to Farmersville and McKinney. There are two notable parks in the city namely JM Caldwell Community Park and Veterans Memorial Park. There’s a wide space for nature stroll, playground, picnic and outdoor sports. Located in the outskirts of the city is Sister Grove Park which has several hiking and biking trails. Wildlife animals and species can be seen in and around Princeton.

Princeton TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Princeton TX

Squirrels found in Texas have sturdy, strong and versatile claws which allow them to climb walls, fences, posts and trees. This wildlife animal usually has sensitive touch in the paws, and has vibrissae in their limbs as well as heads. The squirrels have similar incisors with that of other rodents which makes them notorious biters. Squirrels have been noted to gnaw into furniture, chairs, beds and electrical wires. This makes the squirrels quite dangerous to have around inside a home or an establishment.

Raccoon removal in Princeton TX

There are many procedures to remove raccoons. In general, you would need national, state and local licenses if you want to handle and relocate raccoons. This is done to protect the wildlife animal as well as the public, to make sure the persons would only be wildlife professionals. Raccoons van be live trapped and not necessarily killed. The National Wildlife Association specifies that wildlife shouldn’t be hurt if well and alive and just be relocated far away from the community. Raccoons are usually relocated in their natural habitat and wildlife preservation areas.

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Snake removal in Princeton TX

The snake species commonly found in the U.S. are usually included in the subgroup Serpentes from the Squamata order. There are then two sub tribe under Serpentes namely Scolecophidia and the Alethinophidia species. The separation and differences is usually based on DNA mitochondrial sequences morphological traits of the creature. Within the sub groups under Serpentes there are many other sub orders such as the Caenophidia and Henophidia (under Alethinophidia) which usually makes up the hydrophiids, elapids and vipers.

Bobcat removal in Princeton Texas

Bobcats have different patterns on their fur which often camouflage their body in their territory. Their fur color can range from dark brown, mahogany to shades of gray, with line streaks of black on the body, tail and legs. Their ears are pointed and black on the tip, with black short tuft. If seen closely, bobcats have pale white color patches on the chin, mouth, lips and parts under their body. There are a couple of species of bobcats in the country, with the fur shade varying depending on the location. Northern and forest regions notably have dark colored fur, while bobcats in the southern and western parts have lighter colored fur. Call us for bobcat removal in Princeton TX.

Our wildlife animal removal of wildlife species also include opossum, skunk, beaver, snakes, birds, bobcat, squirrel, bats, rats, raccoons, armadillo. Our specialists can also provide other wildlife solutions like sealing of entry points, animal feces clean up, house damage restoration, remove animal foul odor, sanitation, animal body removal, decontamination, and home repair.

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